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“Phrenapates Showdown” ushers in the end of an era in Nexon’s Blue Archive

Phrenapates Showdown


  • Students set out on a journey to defeat the Allied Operation boss, Phrenapates
  • A new Millennium Science School student, Koyuki, joins the class
  • Blue Archive reached 1st place on the Korea Apple App Store’s top-grossing list for a second time in a row

SEOUL – Sept. 6, 2023 – As the sun sets on the sprawling city of Kivotos, popular mobile RPG Blue Archive is offering closure to players’ time in the captivating world with one last epic battle: Main Story Part 1 Final Episode’s fourth story, “Phrenapates Showdown.”

From NEXON Korea Corp., Blue Archive has players step into the shoes of Sensei, an advisor for the Federal Investigation Club, Schale, shortly after the disastrous disappearance of the General Student Council president. As anarchy takes over, it’s up to Sensei to mobilize the eccentric students of the academy city of Kivotos and take matters into their own hands. Defined by its dynamic, strategic combat, and charismatic cast of characters, Blue Archive offers players a blend of tactical planning and real-time action with a light-hearted, emotional center.

In the final chapter of Blue Archive’s story, available until Tuesday, Sept. 19, Sensei embarks on a heartfelt quest to reunite with their fellow students after a long and emotional journey to save Kivotos from a threat that has plagued its safety since the game’s inception. Players can bear witness to the culmination of Blue Archive’s central narrative that has been intricately woven since 2021 and can also defeat the boss of the Allied Operation, Phrenapates, to earn Pyroxenes, Secret Tech Notes and Recruitment Tickets.

“Phrenapates Showdown” introduces the grand finale with features including:

  • Powerful Students, Koyuki and Shiroko – Two highly anticipated new students are making their grand debuts at the end of a long journey. Koyuki is a Mystic-type Striker from Millennium Science School with an EX move that deals damage to enemies in a circular area by throwing a bomb made of bullets, electricity or fire. Shiroko is an Explosion-type Striker from Abydos High School who uses her EX Skill to deal powerful damage to a single enemy proportional to her ATK.
  • New Event Content – In addition to the new students, Nexon introduced the “Restoration Project D.U. Shiratori City” event. By completing tasks, players can help rebuild the city, earn Credit Points, Artifacts and other rewards. Players can also trade the event currency for all kinds of rewards at the Event Shop.

Adding to the excitement that comes with the end of Blue Archive’s Main Story, Blue Archive reached Korea Apple App Store’s top-grossing list twice during the Final Episode thanks to its excellent immersion and spectacular visuals.

For more information about Blue Archive’s Main Story update, “Phrenapates Showdown,” players can visit the official Blue Archive communities.

  • Blue Archive Special Webpage: [LINK]
  • Blue Archive Official Forum: [LINK]
  • Blue Archive Official Discord: [LINK]
  • Blue Archive Official Twitter: [LINK]
  • Blue Archive Official Facebook: [LINK]

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