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Pilmico Animal Nutrition Corporation celebrates 25 years of nourishing the nation from mill to meal

Pilmico Tarlac Plant
Pilmico Animal Nutrition Corporation celebrates its 25th year anniversary as one of the Philippines’ leading feeds manufacturers and meats producers through its mill-to-meal process.

Pilmico Animal Nutrition Corporation (Pilmico), the agribusiness subsidiary of the Aboitiz Group, celebrates 25 years of bringing quality feeds, meats, and more through its mill-to-meal process during its 25th anniversary.

Pilmico entered the animal nutrition industry in 1998 through commercial swine farms and a feed milling facility in Tarlac. Since then, they have ventured further down the food value chain — from poultry layer farms to a meat processing plant to a meats retail brand. More recently, their newest Breeding and Nursery Farm in Nueva Ecija, built to help augment the local pork supply, was completed; this supports the growing presence of its meats retail brand, The Good Meat, which is now available in over 400 supermarkets and six-stand alone stores.

“In our 25th year, we are energized to nourish the future by supporting the growth of the animal nutrition industry while adding exceptional value to our stakeholders. We hope to produce more quality feeds and meats so that more Filipinos can enjoy nutritious food,” said Norie Bermudez, Pilmico Country Director for Agribusiness.

PARTNERS FOR GROWTH. For 25 years, Pilmico consistently delivered quality products and provided unmatched customer service to build partners for growth.

In its 25-year history, Pilmico has been a trusted partner to Filipino livestock farmers and businesses for producing quality feeds, meats, and more. In addition to its growing portfolio of products, the company has also helped advance communities through the distribution of livelihood kits, such as egg machines and gilts, which they have given to beneficiaries nationwide.

About Pilmico & Gold Coin

Pilmico Foods Corporation & Gold Coin Management Holdings are the integrated agribusiness and food companies of Aboitiz Equity Ventures, Inc. (AEV). Gold Coin is now fully-managed and owned by Pilmico International and to date, it is the largest investment in the Asia-Pacific region in their shared history.

Pilmico comprises four divisions: Flour, Feeds, Farms, and Trading; enabling growth to its partners through its consistent quality products and unparalleled supporting services. Meanwhile, Gold Coin is a pioneer in animal nutrition and the manufacturing of scientifically-balanced animal feed in Asia.

Pilmico and Gold Coin represent one of the largest privately-owned agribusinesses in the region, with over 2,900 partners throughout the multitude of production facilities across 8 countries in Asia. Armed with the mission of feeding humanity, they aim to take a leadership position in innovating the food value chain in the Asia Pacific.

Know more about Pilmico at pilmico.com/.

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