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PMA addressing COVID situation inside academy

BAGUIO City — The Philippine Military Academy (PMA) remains to be on top of the COVID situation and continues to take the advice of General Headquarters to address this concern.

We continue to seek for your understanding and prayers for the academy in the midst of this pandemic,” said Major Cherryl P. Tindog PMA Chief Information Officer.

This developed after the PMA confirmed COVID19 cases among its cadets as well as military and civilian personnel.

Tindog added that the Academy is already conducting mass RTPCR testing.

Makati City Pabakuna

Though the Cadet Corps of the AFP has been isolated as one bubble from the outside world by cancelling contact activities and employing online mode of instructions, still there is no fool proof system. One way or another a leak to the bubble can occur from day to day activities of the whole community. Thus, the need for mass testing,” said Tindog.

We are comforted to note that all affected are assymptomatic and pose no greater danger to cadet’s health. There are a number of them who have also recovered. We assure the parents and their families that their health and needs are being attended to by Headquarters PMA,” Tindog added.

Aside from the tests, as per the PMA’s safety and health protocol for COVID19 and that of DOH, the Academy has conducted immediate isolation of positive cases, lockdown, contact tracing, quarantine of general contacts, and disinfection of affected areas.

Tindog said the mass RTPCR testing is part of the PMA’s effort to eradicate COVID19 within the Cadet Corps and the whole of the Academy, and we shall continue to do so.

Publication Source :    People's Tonight