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PNP enforces full quarantine protocols

AMID fears of a 2nd wave of COVID-19 cases in the country during the Christmas and New Year holidays, Philippine National Police chief, General Debold M. Sinas has ordered all police units nationwide to fully enforce all Inter-agency Task Force quarantine protocols to help prevent further transmission of the killer virus.

The top cop ordered all 17 Police Regional Office directors and their provincial, city and municipal units and other subordinate stations to ensure the enforcement of the mandatory wearing of full-coverage face shield in areas under General Community and Modified GCQ.

The IATF for the Management of Emerging Infectious Diseases declared that in areas placed under GCQ, the following shall be strictly enforced:

Mass gatherings such as but no limited to movie screenings, concerts, sporting events and other entertainment activities, community assemblies and non-essential work gatherings shall be strictly prohibited.

Gatherings that are for the provision of critical government services and authorized humanitarian activities while adhering to the prescribed minimum health standards however shall be allowed.

Quarantine shall be allowed up to 30 percent of the seating capacity provided that religious gatherings shall be limited to the conduct of religious worship and/or service.

In areas under MGCQ, authorized mass gatherings shall be allowed provided that participants shall be limited to 50 percent of the seating or venue capacity.

The PNP chief ordered his men to ensure that all persons outside their residence will be wearing full-coverage face shields together with face masks, earloop masks, indigenous, reusable or do-it-yourself masks or other facial protective equipment.

This means that police will be going after people violating the provisions whenever they go out of their residences pursuant to existing guidelines issued by the national government subject to fair and humane penalties or punishments that may be issued by Local Government Units or implemented by law enforcement agencies.

All LGUs were likewise asked to use IAT-endorsed contact tracing and contact monitoring applications where they are available or use community-based contact tracing and contact monitoring.

Sinas also directed his men to remind and caution the public not to hold public gathering such as karaoke parties and other activities that are likely to increase COVID-19 transmission.

He also encouraged the public to celebrate the holidays with the members of the family, relatives and friends within the confines of their homes in accordance with the allowed number and venue capacity.

However, the PNP chief called on his field commanders and chiefs of police to show compassion during their enforcement of the rules by not arresting violators without face shield or using unauthorized ones and instead provide them with extra face shields if available.

Sinas also ordered the conduct of the PNP ‘Recorida/Oplan Bandillo’ in every barangay in coordination with barangay officials to remind the public of the IATF-MEID guidelines and protocols and ensure adherence to minimum health standard protocols such as the wearing of face mask and full-coverage face shields and physical distancing.


In Metro Manila, National Capital Region Police Office (NCRPO) director, Brigadier Gen. Vicente D. Danao Jr. ordered all five NCRPO district directors to ensure that all quarantine measures will be fully enforced by the public.

NCRPO men were particularly instructed to check the non-wearing and improper wearing of face masks and face shields, no social distancing of at least one-meter; the non-observance of limited persons/shoppers in every establishments inside shopping malls; the non-observance of the one-seat policy in fast-food chains and restaurants; the failure of mall managers to designate COVID-19 marshals inside malls and other establishments; the failure to provide disinfection areas and lack of alcohol stand etc. outside their entrance doors; and presence of prohibited individuals inside malls such as children below the allowed age of 15 and above 65-years old and above for adults.

The NCRPO chief stressed that children are not allowed in malls and they and their parents or adult companions will be checked by the police once spotted.

“The pandemic is not yet over and the COVID-19 virus is still everywhere, therefore, I would like to reiterate to our public that minors are still restricted inside Metro Manila malls as agreed upon by the Metro Manila local governments,” Danao said.

Danao said he has ordered a doubled police visibility in shopping malls and other areas of convergence not only to maintain minimum health standards and protocols but to ensure that children are not allowed to enter.

“Without a doubt, the health and safety of our children is our primordial concern, thus we cannot allow them to wander and contract the virus inside malls,” he said.

“To our young ones, remain at home, enjoy the company of your family and minimize the risk of getting infected. For the parents, to keep our kids engaged inside our houses during the holiday season, you made do the following with them: putting up house decorations, story-telling, creating Christmas cards, playing games and singing Christmas carols. The same activities were also recommended by the Department of Health,” the NCRPO chief said.