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PNP steps-up internal cleansing drive prevention approach

THE Philippine National Police leadership headed by General Archie Francisco F. Gamboa is stepping-up its ‘preventive approach’ on its Enhanced Revitalized Internal Cleansing Program by seeing to it that police will be restrained from involvement in illegal activities by fully inculcating on them the values of love of God, country, people and family, the Journal Group learned yesterday.

As part of the prevention program, Gen. Gamboa has ordered the implementation of activities and projects that could deter members of the 205,000-strong police force from being involved in ‘kotong, drugs and other irregularities.’

They include the organization of squads composed of 5-8 members with the most senior non-commissioned police officer acting as the Squad Leader and the observance of a regular weekly Squad meeting known as ‘Squad Leader’s Time’ to discuss the lessons for the week which may include life enhancement modules related to career development, personal financial management, healthy lifestyle and retirement planning.

Gen. Gamboa called for the need to impress upon the Squad Leader and all Squad members a sense of responsibility for each other and a sense of belonging to the Squad in order to strengthen their walk of faith and provide accountability for their personal and professional actions.

At the same time, he ordered the assignment to all Squads of trained Values/Life Coaches from different volunteer groups and multi-faith organizations.

“These Values/Life Coaches shall meet their Squad on a weekly basis to facilitate the discussion of lessons on how to become God-centered, service-oriented and family-based publics servants,” the PNP chief said.

At the same time, he declared that it should be the duty of the Squad Leaders to recommend any member of his squad for reformation if necessary.

Makati City Pabakuna

PNP Deputy Chief for Operations, Lieutenant Gen. Guillermo Lorenzo T. Eleazar is seeing to it that the PNP chief’s programs would be heard across the country during his out-of-town sorties.

“You no longer have reasons to go astray. Our beloved President Rodrigo Roa Duterte has already given and continuously giving the support that we need— from mission-essential equipment and training to doubling our salary. All the President asks in return is for us to live up to his expectation as professional and honest policemen. On the other hand, our Chief PNP General Archie Gamboa is now initiating and institutionalizing reforms to professionalize and preserve the integrity of the police organization. Nakikiisa ba kayo sa layunin ng ating Chief PNP para sa malinis at marangal na kapulisan?

He called on the recruits to reflect on the true meaning of the three words written there. Service. Honor. Justice. “Honor yourself by preserving your dignity as a human being. Honor the good reputation of your family. Honor your batchmates here who were there with you in times of pain and hardship during your training days. And lastly, honor your profession by caring for the integrity of the police organization,” he said.

Another official, PNP spokesman, Brigadier Gen. Bernard M. Banac is also spreading the same word on his own. “It’s party of my sharing of my blessings to our men, the recruits. I’m telling them to make their region very proud,” Banac, a member of Philippine Military Academy ‘Tanglaw-Diwa’ Class of 1992 said. So far, the PNP spokesperson has visited nearly half of the PNP Regional Training Centers in the country to discuss Gen. Gamboa’s programs.

“I’m telling the students to please don’t be part of the statistics of dismissed, suspended or demoted policemen. If possible, sa batch ninyo, zero kaya walang dapat ma-involve sa criminal activities. You have to prepare yourselves while in training, you have to prepare yourself to avoid different temptations that will follow you as soon as you are already out there in the field or have returned to your units,” Banac said.

The PNP spokesman is making sure that he will fully explain the meaning of the Police Officer’s Pledge to his audience. “I will love and serve God, my country. We always recite that but the country in that pledge is your family. So if you love God and your country (family, you are able to serve people efficiently,” he said.

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