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Princess brings Christmas cheer

Princess Velasco

A RAY of hope awaits listeners in time for the holiday season via the new musical offering from the OPM Acoustic Princess and GMA Music artist Princess Velasco – her original Christmas song, ‘The New Born King.’

Princess holds this single close to her heart as it was first composed by her 81-year-old dad, Alfredo Velasco, back in 1964. It was only during the quarantine period that he got to bring it to completion. Princess decided that producing this song, together with her friend Mic Llave, will be a nice gift for her beloved dad.

“I don’t live with my father anymore so I miss him and worry about him, more so since the quarantine started. So when he sent this song that he wrote more than 50 years ago, and asked me to sing it, I figured it would be a nice gift to him to record it and have it produced. I asked my friend Mic Llave to arrange it, and I recorded it here at home using my simple setup. I sang it the way it was arranged – which is full of life and joy! I made sure to smile while singing it, because the message of the song is really about celebrating the birth of Jesus.”

Beginning November 16, ‘The New Born King’ will be available for streaming on YouTube Music, Spotify, Apple Music, and across all other digital platforms worldwide.