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Principle No. 25: A school, a church and the happiest place on Earth

Usapang Bata

The moment he saw it, Alexander grabbed the opportunity to help children by providing them space for a universe of possibilities.

He shared that for businessmen like him, every square inch of a commercial property should contribute to the bottom-line. But that time he thought it was different, unique and quite proverbial.

Universe of Possibilities

“Joseph and Mary bearing baby Jesus also had no place to stay in,” said the mall developer who is a long-time supporter of non-government organization Silid- Aralan, Inc. that believes in every underperforming child lies a genius.

Sixteen years and hundreds of graduates later, he admits tears still well up in his eyes knowing that he along with his family was given a meaningful part in transforming so many lives.

As he clearly stated, he owes a lot of it to his wife, the wind beneath his wings.

Xander Youth Foundation

Through their own Xander Youth Foundation which they dedicate to their eldest child, they give children from poor communities a place to learn kindergarten.

Looking after the parents’ integrity, a nun advised him to try charging them a minimal fee of 25 Pesos monthly so charity does not become a dole out.

For the kids’ spiritual nourishment, he converted a part of their home to become a church. And as treat for outstanding participation, he flew them to Disneyland.

He remembers as a young boy selling salt in a public market, to save for his “baon”, the comfort rooms were unclean. Today he makes sure the restrooms in his malls are five-star hotel quality, complete with chandeliers.

Alexander Cruz and Arcie Mallari

This and many more amazing stories would not have found the light of day if, like AMCR Holdings Company Chairman Alexander Cruz and Silid Aralan Inc. Founder and Chief Executive Officer Arcie Mallari, public affairs shows like Usapang Bata, Atbp. did not realize and act upon their calling.

Distinctly, provision follow purpose.

The moment you see it, grab it.

About Usapang Bata, Atbp.

Usapang Bata, Atbp. is the newest segment of public services show S.O.S., Serbisyo Oramismo Sigurado in DZRJ 810AM – Radyo Bandido. It helps spread awareness and encourage positive action from key sectors of the society in building a thriving community for children and their families. Usapang Bata, Atbp. airs every Friday, 2:00PM to 4:00PM.

Usapang Bata, Atbp.

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