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Prioritize farmers for vaccine — solon

A party-list solon is urging the national government to include farmers in its vaccination program.

Magsasaka party-list Rep. Argel Cabatbat said while he fully supports the program to contain coronavirus disease (COVID-19), he is appealing to the government to include farmers in its priorities.

“I appeal to our national government and relevant authorities to include our farmers in the priority list, for in doing so we send the message that we see them with value, we recognize their importance to the nation, and we will return with gratitude their service to the nation,” Cabatbat said.

Cabatbat said there is a need to recognize the important work of the farmers in the country, as they are the ones providing food security.

“All throughout the pandemic, the agricultural sector has fought tooth and nail to help our nation survive,” Cabatbat said.

“Their dedication, despite the overwhelming odds stacked against them – in government funding and assistance, legislation and competition — gives them the right to be prioritized for the COVID-19 vaccine,” he added.

The solon pointed out that farmers are also doing vital work and are exposed like the frontliners.

But Cabatbat expressed disappointment that despite the hard work of the farmers their sector remains the poorest.

“They are frontliners in the fields and markets, and the results of their hard worl are felt by everyone who needs to eat – thet deserve to be treated with utmost respect,” Cabatbat stressed.

“A threat to their health is a threat to their livelihoods, and by extension, their family’s and the Philippines’ future,” he added.