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Probe on text scams welcomed as cases spike despite SIM registration

Digital Pinoys

A network of digital advocates welcomed today the investigation being sought in the Senate after reports of text scams spike once again, despite the imposition of the SIM registration law.

Digital Pinoys national campaigner Ronald Gustilo said that the filing of Senate Resolution No. 745 by Senator Grace Poe seeking to investigate the proliferation of scam texts is timely as scammers have already coped with the implementation of the SIM registration law and are currently moving forward with their operations.

“With barely a few months after the effectivity of SIM registration law, we have observed that text scams, and other unwanted text messages have once again proliferated our mobile phones and our social media platforms. This investigation will only show that SIM registration alone will not work against these scammers.”

Gustilo said that the SIM registration law did not only inconvenienced the public and also put the privacy of personal information in jeopardy as there is no guarantee that the databases will not be compromised.

“Instead of protecting the public, the SIM registration law even puts the public’s personal information in danger of data compromise as there is no absolute guarantee that the databases of information gathered from SIM registration will not be leaked or hacked.”

Gustilo also said that the discussion to suspend and review the implementation of SIM registration law should now be on the table and an independent review be undertaken as soon as possible to determine if the law is still needed, despite its ineffectiveness.

“It is clear that the law failed to deter scam and spam texts because the technology to broadcast SMS messages without using SIMs are available. We have been saying it ever since. We are urging the government immediately suspend and review the implementation of the law and its effectiveness in combatting scam and spam texts. We do not need a law that is ineffective and will only jeopardize the public’s privacy and risk the compromise of our personal information.”

Reference: Ronald Gustilo, Digital Pinoys, National Campaigner