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Promotion of 2 vital human rights vowed

Lord Allan Velasco
Speaker Lord Allan Velasco

COMMEMORATING Human Rights Consciousness Week, Speaker Lord Allan Velasco vowed to push for the measures that promote everyone’s right to adequare food and equal opportunities.

Observed every December 4 to 10 of the year pursuant to Republic Act 9201, this celebration aims to raise awareness of the basic and fundamental human rights, and to propagate a human rights culture toward sustainable development in the country.

“Today, we gather together in the midst of a deadly pandemic, in the midst of proliferation of fake news, hunger, and disrespect for the rights of women, children, and members of LGBT+ and IP (indigenous people) communities. But in the midst of this darkness, light persists,” Velasco said, addressing House officials and employees during Monday’s flag-raising ceremony.

“We gather together every year to mark Human Rights Week because we believe that there can be no lasting prosperity without respect for human rights,” he added.

Velasco said the House of Representatives under his leadership has put among its priority legislation the Right to Adequate Food Bill and the proposed Anti-Ethnic, Racial and Religious Discrimination Act.

“These are just some ways our humble institution could ensure that life, truth, and light could persist,” Velasco pointed out.

The Right to Adequate Food Bill establishes a framework recognizing that a person suffering from hunger or undernutrition is entitled to a minimum amount of food according to one’s age, sex, health status and occupation.

The proposed Anti-Ethnic, Racial and Religious Discrimination Act, on the other hand, provides for the creation of the Non-Discrimination and Equal Opportunity Committee by agencies, corporations, companies and educational institutions.

The House of Representatives Human Rights Consciousness Week 2020 celebration was organized by the House Committee on Human Rights chaired by Quezon City Rep. Jesus “Bong” Suntay.

This year’s theme is “Recover Better, Stand Up for Human Rights: We Heal As One.”