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‘Propaganda War:’ ‘Tide turning’ in favor of gov’t

BEFORE proceeding, the National Press Club (NPC) condoles with the family of Interim Vice President, Ma. Kristina ‘Tina’ Maralit (Daily Tribune) on the passing yesterday of her dearest mom, Mrs. Remedios Junio ‘Remy’ Maralit, due to a lingering illness. Rest in peace and yes, be strong, VP Tina!

And if there is sadness, there is joy and so, here’s a greeting of ‘Happy Birthday’ to a good friend, former AFP chief and presently, NIA administrator, Ricardo ‘Bong’ Visaya, who celebrated his birthday also yesterday.

A ‘throwback’ photo that I re-posted showed me with military figures— BGen. Pat Morales, Bong’s “mistah” and ex-AFP chief, Gen. Hernando ‘Dodo’ Iriberri, former Solcom chief and NICA chief, Lt. General Pete Cabuay, then EMC chief and now BOC commissioner, Lt. Gen. Jagger Guerrero and his “mistah” at PMA Class ’84, and back then, 10th Agila’ Division commander, MGen. Raffy Valencia— all of whom I met and became friends with while covering the military beat.

As it has been four years since I first posted that photo collage, I was wondering what the occasion was at the time at Camp Aguinaldo?

And it occurred to me that it was the retirement/turnover ceremony for Gen. Bong, after his more than three decades in military service and ascension to the top military post of his other “mistah” and also another dear friend, then Army chief, Lt. Gen. Ed Año. How time flies, indeed!

Again, happy birthday, Gen. Bong! Long time, no drink, hehehe!


After all the lies and the deceptions of the CPP-NPA and their front organizations have finally “hit home,” so to speak, PDU30 announced, hopefully with finality, that there will be no more Christmas ceasefire between the communists and our state security forces until the end of his term in 2022.

That this would be the direction the President is headed should not come as a surprise at all.

Before making the announcement the other night, PDU30 already made it known last week that he is full square behind the AFP and the NTF-ELCAC in their ongoing “media skirmishes” with the CPP-NPA over the issue of ‘red tagging.’

As he puts it, the AFP and the task force is not ‘red tagging’ the Makabayan Bloc and the other CPP-directed “mass/legal organisations” but merely stating what is not only fact but also true— that they are all creations of the CPP.

And as such, you cannot ‘red tag’ or “label” someone or something that is in fact “red” to the core. To state something that is true cannot be construed as telling a lie, as the Reds’ narrative would want us to believe.

In this unceasing and unending “propaganda war” between the CPP and the government, the tide is now clearly turning in the latter’s favor.

And why is this so?

Because the CPP and its “talking heads” had retrogressed completely to the point that they cannot distinguish anymore the important difference between stating the truth and telling a lie.

As I have also reported extensively on the communist insurgency (and somehow been part of it), this “change” has become noticeable for me.

And I say “retrogressed completely” because back then (between the ‘80s to the early 2000), you can take the word of ‘Ka Roger’ or ‘Ka Bart’ Alcantara as true, while you have to treat every word spoken by the military with serious doubt in your mind.

Today, it is the other way around. Hindi mo na malaman kung “binobola” o “pinapalundag” ka ng mga komunista sa mga sinasabi nila.

And with that, how can a responsible member of the media report them at all?

But yes, Jose, many in the mainstream media continue to do this. Sad.