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PSC asks NSAs, athletes to keep guard against COVID

PSC - Philippine Sports Commission

WITH the number of monitored infected cases rising in the past weeks, Philippine Sports Commission Chairman William Ramirez reminded everyone to “never put your guard down when it comes to COVID.

After imposing a 10-workday lockdown on the two complexes of the agency starting Tuesday, Ramirez informed that disinfection of facilities is being carried out and a revision of health-security protocols have been done.

The sports chief expressed his concern over the alarming numbers of COVID-19 cases that were monitored in the last round of testing.

We sent all athletes home even before the imposition of the first lockdown last year,” said Ramirez explaining that there are no more athletes training or staying in any of the agency’s facilities.

Both complexes are now being used as “we heal as one centers.

Among many assistances given to athletes and National Sports Associations, the PSC also assists in getting them RT-PCR testing when requested or required for their training or competitions.

Ramirez askes all NSAs to be more cautious and to actively remind their athletes to follow basic protocols saying, “in this case, it is better to be safe than sorry.” Some sports are training under their NSAs in venues outside PSC Facilities.

Assistance and Coordination Division Chief and head of the PSC Emergency Response Team, Manuel Bitog has been designated head of the Risk Management Team. Executive Director Atty.

Guillermo Iroy, Jr. has given instructions to implement stricter protocols and roll out a QR code-based monitoring system within the agency to aid interaction tracing.