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PSC-NSS to focus on sports marketing

PSC - Philippine Sports Commission

PHILIPPINE Sports Commission’s (PSC) National Sports Summit focuses on Sports Marketing on this week’s summit session on Thursday at 1 p.m.

PSC leads the fourth session of the online sports conference with Prof. Theresa Jazmines from the University of the Philippines exploring the core principles, strategies, and benefits of sports brand marketing.

Jazmines, who is one of the country’s first women sports journalists in the 70s, has an extensive experience in the field of public relations and sports writing.

It is pivotal for sports stakeholders in the country, from the community grassroots level, the national sports associations, and up to the elite professional level to learn the value of sports marketing to forward the development of their own sports,” expressed PSC Chairman William Ramirez.

Ramirez often stresses the need for the country’s national sports associations and other sports groups to tap the help of the private sector or market their sports to find other ways to fund their activities since the limited coffers of the government cannot support everyone.

According to Jazmines, sports marketing benefits those involved multi-directionally as “sponsors can connect directly with their target markets and create greater awareness for their brands in a rewarding fashion and the officials, teams, athletes – get their desired resources and improve their performances.

Furthermore, the athletes also gain exposure to the public.

Almost 1000 participants have registered online for the first batch of sessions of the National Sports Summit where United States Sports Academy President T.J. Rosandich discussed Sports Success from a First World Perspective, Davao del Norte Sports and Youth Development Head Giovanni Gulanes shared their local government’s sports program, and Philippine Sports Institute (PSI) Dean Prof. Henry Daut gave an overview of Grassroots Sports in the country.

The National Sports Summit 2021 is set to cover 25 topics from local sports administration up to the international linkages in the field.