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PSC to launch Zumbarangay Pilipinas

PSC - Philippine Sports Commission

THE Philippine Sports Commission (PSC) will launch a nationwide exercise campaign called the Zumbarangay Pilipinas with an original Filipino workout song “Igalaw Galaw Ating Katawan” on Saturday

Once we get motivated to move our bodies, exercising can make a big difference; it changes our mood,” explained PSC Chairman William ‘Butch’ Ramirez.

The sports agency aims to underline the importance of physical fitness, especially in these trying times of the pandemic.

The Zumbaranggay Pilipinas project is a contest of a solo dance performance done either at home or in an open space.

Participants have to record their original dance exercise moves, form and style to the beat of “Igalaw Galaw Ating Katawan” which may be downloaded in the agency’s website at psc.gov.ph or its social media pages.

Workout music has a therapeutic ability to treat physical, psychological, emotional, and mental issues such as depression and anxiety.

This project is being organized under the “Women in Sports” program of the Commission supervised by the Office of Commissioner Celia Kiram.

This contest is PSC’s campaign to raise awareness on the value of solo dance fitness workouts. We designed this to provide a recreational activity for women and girls given the alarming increase in the number of cases whose well-being has been negatively affected by the pandemic,” said Kiram.