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PTEs, Gov’t told: Ensure data privacy, registration for all

Digital Pinoys

On the first day of the implementation of SIM registration, a network of digital advocates is asking public telecommunications entities (PTEs) to ensure that each and every SIM will be registered and no data will be compromised.

Digital Pinoys National Campaigner Ronald Gustilo said that PTEs must ensure that the registration will be hassle free as much as possible.

“We are hoping that the telcos have prepared for this day and have employed steps to ensure that the registration process will be easy. They have accepted a huge responsibility and the people are expecting no less than an effortless registration process.”

Gustilo said that PTEs, the National Telecommunications Commission and the National Privacy Commission should all ensure that the concerns of the public will be addressed. Many groups are adamant that the SIM registration process will be easy as issues on data privacy, accessibility and technological gap between urban and rural areas remain to be unanswered to date.

“PTEs and the government should ensure that residents from far-flung areas and those without smart gadgets will be able to register. Marginalized sectors should not be disenfranchised and the burden to ensure that they will be registered falls to the government.”

Gustilo added that they will be monitoring reports from the field and have mobilized volunteers to collect reports of possible problems regarding registration. Gustilo is also urging registrants to report any untoward incident.

“We are looking into several scenarios such as the registration sites crashing due to traffic, non-acceptance of registration, fraud, and scams related to SIM registration. Registrants can also report via social media by using the hashtags #SIMRegReportPH, #SIMRegPH and #SIMRegistration.”

Reference: Ronald Gustilo, Digital Pinoys National Campaigner