Bathurst 12 Hour signals start of 2020 Australian GT season

January 15, 2020
The annual Bathurst 12 Hour at Mount Panorama signals the start of what is an extensive season of events for Australian GT in 2020. Taking in the 12 Hour journey as part of a three-round Australian Endurance Championship that includes arguably Australia’s best and most recognised circuits, the event signals the start of a new direction for the category that is focussed on providing value for money GT racing on Australia’s best circuits.

Audi Sport drivers lead assault on Bathurst 12 Hour

January 13, 2020
Audi Sport customer racing returns to Mount Panorama at the end of January - on the tenth anniversary of their first of three victories at the Bathurst 12 Hour event - looking for a strong result against some of the best teams in the world, the Australian-based Audi Sport Team Valvoline operation carding three 2019 Audi R8s with arguably their strongest lineup ever..

11 Shades of Roses – Payless Flora

January 13, 2020
Have you ever wondered why flowers are ideal as gifts? Because they can express feelings that are too intense for words to convey. From celebrations to sorrowful events, they can perceive well the feelings of every individual who receives them, as written by a poet, “The rose speaks of love silently, in a language known only to the heart.”

Top 6 Online Flower Shops in the Philippines

January 09, 2020
The Internet has revolutionized the way we shop. Because of the numerous advantages and benefits, more and more people these days prefer buying things online over the conventional method of going into stores. It is true that the way to a man's heart is through his stomach, how about to a woman? Why not sending a bouquet of flowers with beautiful arrangement to win her heart, right?

Three-car team for Audi Sport Team Valvoline at Bathurst

January 02, 2020
Australia’s championship winning Audi Sport Team Valvoline operation will field three Audi Sport customer racing supported R8 LMS GT3 EVOs in the 2020 Liqui Moly Bathurst 12 Hour, with a mix of drivers intent on claiming another victory for the brand with the four rings on the eve of the tenth anniversary of their first title in 2011.

2020 Australian GT Trophy Series to go for ‘six of the best’

December 29, 2019
Australian GT have introduced the last of their calendars for the 2020 season, with the unveiling of a new approach to the Trophy Series program, a schedule which will see ten events offered between February and November, with teams given the option to go for ‘six of the best’, allowing them the ability to ‘drop’ rounds as they compete across the season to card their points tally from their best six results.

How to get auto likes on Instagram?

December 20, 2019
No doubt today Instagram has got greater appreciation among its users for its unique service and features in addition to the privacy system offered. Day by day the users are increasing at a faster rate and regularly are uploading and sharing small videos, gallery type posts or a single photo/image. In fact, Instagram has become one of the most popular ways of staying connected with others and sharing all interesting happening in your life. In addition to that businesses and brands are using it for promoting themselves. Also, celebrities are using it for getting more fame. This is the reason How to get auto likes on Instagram? is much trending question these days.

Everything you need to know about the kurti

December 20, 2019
The kurti is a popular choice of dress for many people around the world. It is stylish versatile and very comfortable. When paired with the right accessories and additional bits of clothing, the kurti can be the go to item in your wardrobe. Did you know that the kurti, termed kurta, was originally made for men? There is a lot about the knee-length top that many people commonly overlook. Here's an interactive guide on everything you need to know about the kurti!

About creative agency and their services

December 20, 2019
Social media platforms are evolving at a fast rate, and it is not easy for new businesses to make place on social media and to market their products. One can reach more customers as well as make more revenue if they know how to manage their social media page. Several large and small businesses failed to understand the logarithm of social media. If you are also trying to reach more audiences through social media but was unable to do so, then we creative agency is here for your help.

What are wisdom teeth and why do they often cause problems?

December 17, 2019
You have probably heard of or experienced your own problems with wisdom teeth, and wondered what these are exactly, and why they are often problematic. Wisdom teeth, is a colloquial term that is used to describe the last set of molars that grow into the jaw during late adolescence and into early adulthood. These are actually the last set of permanent teeth that come into the jaw.