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Qualification for PLM prexy being downgraded?

SEVERAL insiders from the Pamantasan ng Lungsod ng Maynila (PLM) bared how aghast they were after a ranking university figure allegedly tried to railroad a recent meeting of the university’s Board of Regents.

The said insiders revealed that the concerned university official was shamelessly attempting to meddle with the agenda set for a recent meeting.

What the official wanted, according to the sources, is for the agenda to include changing the provisions of regulations governing the operations of the said university.

Particularly, the official allegedly wants to downgrade the requirements for the university president. Instead of a doctorate degree, the said official wants to downgrade the requirement to a masteral degree only.

This reportedly made many frown, considering that the required possession of a doctorate degree applies to all presidents of universities and colleges, whether private or public, local or national and this is under the rules set by the Commission on Higher Education (CHED) no less.

Apart from having a doctorate degree (Ph.D.) or Ed.D. (Doctor of Education), the said position also requires “administrative and academic experience” or experience as a dean, vice president or chancellor of a university.

Another requirement is “proven track record” as administrator of a college or university. He could also be a former President, Vice-President, Dean, Campus Administrator or Academic Director who directly reports to the President or Vice President of the institution where he served.

Even if it was the CHED no less which set the regulations, the official concerned was said to have shown the determination to circumvent the said regulations for his own, selfish interests.

Instead of raising the level of excellence or bar of standards of the institution he is currently serving, the said PLM official is said to be moving heaven and earth to lower the PLM’s set standards.

Owing to this, it is widely known within PLM that a disgruntled member of the Board of Regents is contemplating on resigning from the said board to show his disgust.

The same board member was also said to have expressed his disappointment over the chaos that attended the distribution of the students’allowances sometime last month.

In the said unfortunate incident, Mayor Isko Moreno himself apologized publicly to the students who were inconvenienced and the parents who were worried sick about their children who went home very late just to get the financial assistance being extended to them by the city government.

The said blunder at the PLM marred the otherwise perfect system so far being implemented by the city government for the distribution of all forms of monetary assistance to various sectors like the senior citizens, solo parents and persons with disabilities, among others.

By the way and going back to the main topic, the actuations of the said official meddling in the board’s agenda stirs up interest for me to ask this question: Does current PLM president Emmanuel Leyco have a doctorate degree? Just asking…


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Itchie G. Cabayan
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