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Raketeer revives hopes for unschooled young people with trainings, job placement assistance


RaketeerThere could be no better time in history than now to take the circumstances we’ve been given and seize the opportunities that come with it. Work-from-home setups, digital learning made way more accessible, more spare time on your hands – these are just some of the staples one can take advantage of in the times we’re living in.

With this scenario and a firm core grounding which aims to help unschooled young people to thrive and not just survive in this season, is where Raketeer comes in. An advocacy platform that initially stemmed from a genuine act of service to help, founder Cherlyn “ Barbie” So shares, as Mother Teresa would say “not all of us can do great things. But we can do small things with great love”.

What has now evolved to is a digital platform and not much less backed up by its first partner PowerMac, which targets young people ages 18-30 residing in the Philippines who might not have finished school due to poverty yet are able to excel in their chosen craft and deliver outstanding results. Raketeer then carefully selects candidates to invest in with resources such as holistic trainings, life coaching, and more importantly, job placement assistance.

The statement “Youth is the hope of the nation” weren’t uttered for no reason after all. Even as a third-world country with scarce to little education opportunities for the marginalized and financially disadvantaged, Raketeer still recognizes the innate trait of every Filipino of being resourceful and persevering. Thus, existing to bridge the gap and revive hopes for these young people in terms of having a livable income and being able to maximize their God-given potential.

Aside from a call out to young people which would be aptly called Raketeers, there are also ongoing opportunities to actively support the mission and partner with the advocacy by means of sponsorships, mentorship, and employment opportunities.

For more information, you may visit Raketeer’s website at www.raketeer.com.ph or contact 0977 4448055 for media inquiries.


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