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Recantations and Justice

Justice Recantations

With due respect to former Supreme Court Chief Justice, Artemio Panganiban, the only thing perhaps he wants to say (IMHO) via his somewhat abstruse column, “DOJ: Reverse acquittal and convict De Lima” (PDI, 6/5/2) is summed up in the second paragraph and it needs stress, lest he blurs his main point or brings confusion to his readers.

Panganiban wrote, “I PERUSED THE 91-PAGE MR (Motion for Reconsideration). Though well-written, well-reasoned, and cerebral, it is not enough, IMHO, to convince the judge to change his mind.” I agree except that I take exception to the words “well-reasoned” because of the reality or rotten justice system we have in the country where there are traditional schemes being employed (until now) by the powers that be to get what they want out of “judicial process.” Such is common knowledge and common national apathy.

Take for example the existent and prevalent extrajudicial measures (and killings), planted evidence, false witnesses, coerced testimonies, concocted stories, torture, political maneuverings, influence peddling, “due process” manipulation, side-tracking “logic,” delaying tactics, etcetera.

In view of the above aberrations in our judicial system, recantations are more believable than original testimonies, except, of course, in certain “obvious” cases like (perhaps) the Degamo massacre infamy wherein the alleged or suspected mastermind, Rep. Arnolfo Teves Jr., was reported to have bribed the witnesses with staggering millions of pesos as the case may be, or believably. Exodus 23:8, 20:16.

Distortion rules where there are bribery or coercion and politics.

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