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Reds taking advantage of the security rift

2112 NPAThe CPP and NPA are once again intensifying their recruitment for new members using the recent issues with the security forces leadership rifts despite their organization’s continued decline. Their count as of last report continously dropped and their leadership succession are still in question. As it looks, the party directs all its committee especially their armed group NPA to take advantage of the internal conflicts with our security forces. They assume the uniformed personnel particularly the soldiers and the police were too occupied with the conflict that they would just let their hard work go to waste. The mission of completely pulverize them and finish them off will still be the top priority. The security forces leadership will surely not allow those sacrificed lives gone to waste and will continue to fulfill the mandate to maintain the safety and peace of civilians and communities. The reds will again probably take advantage of the youth, workers and indigenous to encourage them to rally around using the common issue of increasing commodity prices and low wages and later provoke them to take up arms.

Hopefully the public would not buy their belying narrative so the reds will not be able populate so they can be completely destroyed. They are truly of no use to society and the Filipino people.

Lee Angeles

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