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Reincarnation case of Kary Mullis / Benjamin Rush + wife Nancy Mullis / Julia Rush

Article by: Walter Semkiw, MD

Reincarnation and DNA Sequencing

In the year 2000, I was researching a possible past life of my own in which I was incarnate in Boston during the American Revolution. In the process, as I identified past life matches, I noted that facial features, talents and personality traits seemed to remain consistent from one lifetime to another. In addition, I observed that people reincarnate in soul groups to be reunited with those they have loved, known or worked together with in past lives.

During this time, I wondered if the soul might imprint certain portions of our DNA, which could be used to prove reincarnation through biochemical means. This would not involve traditional DNA fingerprinting techniques, which are based on family genetics.

Rather, the thought is to compare DNA sequencing from one incarnation to another to see if there are sections of DNA that are unique for each soul. The DNA imprinted by the soul, which would remain consistent from one lifetime to another, may be contained in what is called “Junk DNA” that has no known purpose in the human organism.

Kary Mullis and Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR): A New Era in Science

In August 2000, I learned about a researcher at the Smithsonian Institute who had expertise in DNA testing, whose name is Terry Sharrer, PhD. I contacted him by phone to get information regarding DNA analyses. Keep in mind that in the year 2000, the internet was just getting started and Google did not exist. To get information at that time, one would have to turn to books or human beings.
In the course of our conversation, I related to him my interest in reincarnation and other spiritual topics. Terry then became quite excited and stated that I had to contact a friend of his, Kary Mullis, a biochemist who invented the chemical reaction that is used in DNA fingerprinting, which is called Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR). Terry then shared that Kary won the Nobel Prize for this invention.
PCR does represent a major breakthrough in biology and medicine, as it ushered in our DNA era. PCR is the basis for the movie series Jurassic Park, in which ancient, preserved dinosaur DNA is found and PCR is used to replicate that DNA to resurrect dinosaurs.

Kary MullisIn fact, the invention of PCR is so important that some scientists proclaim that the field of biology and medicine can be divided into two eras, one before PCR and the other after PCR.

Kindred Spirits: A Past Life Relationship? Benjamin Rush?

After I shared my spiritual interests, Terry said: “You two are kindred spirits.”

He then gave me the home phone number and address of Kary Mullis. Terry advised that before I contact him, I should read an autobiographical book that Kary had written, entitled Dancing Naked in the Mind Field.

I was a little bit shocked that I was given the home phone number and address of a Nobel Laureate who invented a world-changing chemical reaction after a 20-minute telephone conversation with Terry.

When I hung up the phone, I pondered whether Kary was part of my soul group from the era of the American Revolution, since the connection with him was made so swiftly and easily. As I pondered what had just happened and wondered who Kary may have been, one name popped into my mind:

“Benjamin Rush”

Benjamin RushBenjamin Rush

Benjamin Rush (January 4, 1746 [O.S. December 24, 1745] – April 19, 1813) was a signer of the United States Decl…

Rush was a leading physician, chemist and patriot during the American Revolution. He was friends with both John Adams and Thomas Jefferson and in fact wrote that these two Founding Fathers were the North and South poles of the American Revolution. Rush is the physician who performed surgery on the daughter of John Adams at their home in Braintree, Massachusetts, who had developed breast cancer (she later perished).

Of interest, in my proposed past life, I knew Benjamin Rush.

Kary Mullis believes in Reincarnation and He can See the Dead

When I read Kary’s book, I understood why Terry had told me that Kary and I were kindred spirits. In addition to having careers in science, we both had interests in spirituality and reincarnation. Kary even ends his book with the following quote:

“The appropriate demeanor for a human being is to feel lucky to be alive and to humble himself in the face of the immensity of things and have a beer. Relax. Welcome to Earth. It’s a little confusing at first. That’s why you have to keep coming back over and over again before you learn to really enjoy yourself.”
Further, in Dancing Naked in the Mind Field, Kary shares a clairvoyant experience that he had when his grandfather, whose nickname was “Pop,” died. He relates that his grandfather passed away in North Carolina while Kary was living in Northern California. Kary states that before anyone had notified him of his grandfather’s death, the spirit of his grandfather appeared in his home. Kary shares that Pop’s spirit remained at his home for a period of two days before departing.

Past Life Talent, Personality Traits and Physical Appearance, as well as Similar Writing Style from One Lifetime to Another

Physical Resemblance in Reincarnation Cases

John B. GordonIn reading about Benjamin Rush and Kary Mullis, I saw many parallels. Both were leading scientists of their day and both had very iconoclastic, rebellious personalities. I also noted that the structure Kary’s autobiography is similar to one that Rush had written entitled.

For example, Rush’s autobiography is entitled, Travels through Time, while Kary’s title is Dancing Naked in the Mind Field. Note that both titles start with action words, “Travels” and “Dancing,” and that the action occurs in an abstract setting, “Time” and “Mind Field.” To learn of additional similarities, please refer to my book Return of the Revolutionaries.

A reincarnation case in which a linguistic analysis was done that showed similar writing styles across two lifetimes is provided below:

Reincarnation Case of John B. Gordon | Jeff Keene

I also noticed that Benjamin Rush and Kary Mullis have consistent facial features.

Kary Mullis supports that He was Benjamin Rush in a Past Lifetime

I mailed a packet to Kary in which I explained that I thought he is the reincarnation of Benjamin Rush and that we had known each other during the time of the American Revolution.

Later, towards the end of 2001, after I was promised a book contract by the publishing company,

Hampton Roads, I contacted Kary and asked if I could include him in my upcoming book.

Makati City Pabakuna

I was very pleasantly surprised when Kary telephoned me and agreed to be featured in Return of Revolutionaries. He even consented to have his wife, Nancy, take pictures of him for image comparisons.
When I was communicating with Nancy Mullis regarding photos of Kary, it occurred to me that she may have been Julia Rush, the wife of Benjamin Rush. There is strong evidence that spouses can reincarnate together to be married again.

Julia RushPast Life Relationship: Nancy Mullis as the Reincarnation of Julia Rush

After I shared that she may be the reincarnation of Julia Rush, Nancy promptly sent me a photograph of her, though I then realized that I had never seen an image of Julia Rush and I didn’t know if one even existed. Fortunately, a portrait of Julia Rush was available and I found that Nancy and Julia bear a strong facial resemblance.

In the end, Kary and Nancy felt that their proposed reincarnation cases were valid and they signed written agreements to be in Return of the Revolutionaries. I was very grateful that this world-famous scientist and Nobel Laureate took a chance with me, though we knew this could hurt his reputation. Compared to Kary, I was a nobody. Though I have advanced degrees in science, at the time I was unpublished and unknown. I also have gratitude to Nancy Mullis, who helped facilitate this turn of events.

Kary Mullis died in 2019. In a final correspondence, Kary did reach out to me in 2017 to reflect on the similarities between Benjamin Rush and himself.

James Huston Jr.Physical Resemblance in Reincarnation Cases: The facial features of Benjamin Rush | Kary Mullis, as well as those of Julia Rush | Nancy Mullis, match. Reincarnation cases that dramatically demonstrate that facial features can remain the same from one lifetime to another are provided below:

Reincarnation Case of WW II Fighter Pilot James Huston, Jr. | James Leininger

Anne Frank | Barbro Karlen Reincarnation Case Past Life Passions, Talent and Abilities: Benjamin Rush was a leading chemist and physician in era of the American Revolution, while Kary Mullis invented PCR, which literally has changed the world. Rush and Mullis also have demonstrated similar personalities in being rebellious and iconoclastic.

Relationships Renewed through Reincarnation: Benjamin and Julia Rush reincarnated as Kary and Nancy Mullis to once again become a married couple.

As noted, based on my proposed past life, I knew Benjamin Rush during the era of the American Revolution, which is why I believe Kary and I were brought together in contemporary times. reincarnationresearch.com

Strange Paranormal Vanishing Acts and Escapes

Brent Swancer October 7, 2020

There have been countless mysterious people over the ages that have left enigmas in their wake and have served to puzzle us from beyond the grave. Such individuals run the range across the board from strange magicians, to odd recluses, to those who have managed to just vanish off the face of the earth. At time there have been those who seem to have intentionally vanished to escape their binds or bondage, and here we will look at some of the stranger of these bizarre disappearing acts.

Perhaps one of the most spectacular disappearing acts one could hope to pull off is that of escaping one’s own death and burial. In November of 1856, a criminal by the name of John Wilhelm Gebhard was hanged in Paarl, Cape Province, South Africa.

He had been accused of murder, a crime he swore he had not committed, vehemently proclaiming his innocence right up to the very end. Even as he stood upon the gallows he proclaimed his innocence, and when he was sure that his pleas were falling upon deaf ears and that he was doomed, Gebhard spat forth curses and vitriol, and stated that no grave would ever hold him. These were his last words, the hanging was carried out and the corpse placed in a sealed coffin within an especially deep grave in unconsecrated ground, covered with heavy stones and guarded night and day to prevent vengeful grave robbers from defiling the body.

Some months later, it would turn out that perhaps Gebhard had been right, as another man came forward and was proven as the actual killer, and Gebhard’s name was cleared. It had turned out that he actually was innocent after all, and as a concession to Gebhard’s mourning widow she was offered a large sum of money and her dead husband’s coffin was moved to consecrated ground. Before this, it was planned to move the corpse to a better, more elegant casket for reburial, but this was to be more easily said than done. Although the coffin was completely sealed, when it was opened in front of many witnesses, it was found to be completely empty. It was utterly baffling, as he had been in the coffin when it was buried, witnessed by many, the coffin was well sealed, the ground of the grave was undisturbed, and it had been under 24-hour guard the whole time. Where had the body possibly gone? Had he made good on his promise before hanging?

MakingMaking the tale of Gebhard’s coffin escape even more bizarre still is that it has been claimed that a full century later there was found in the mountains near Paarl a gravestone just sitting by itself out in the middle of the wilderness that purportedly read, “Sacred to the memory of John W. Gebhard. Blessed are they that rest in the lord.” What does this all mean, if anything? No one really knows. Over the years the story of Gebhard’s mysterious vanishing, first covered in a 1958 issue of Fate Magazine, as well as Frank Edwards’ 1959 book Stranger Than Science, has been added to and embellished, such as adding in tales of the dead man’s ghost haunting the gallows where he died and the grave he was originally buried in, to the point that it is hard to separate fact from fiction. There are also no reliable records to prove that the hanging and burial ever even happened at all, so it is difficult to know how true it all is. However, it is still a curious and spooky historical tale.

From the 1920s we have another story of an escaped criminal, this time one who apparently really did do it. This equally mysterious case revolves around a man named Joseph Bowne Elwell. A wealthy socialite, professional card player, and playboy, Elwell’s playground was New York City in the early 1920s, but this would all come to an end on June 11, 1920, when his housekeeper let herself in to the locked room and found him dead with a bullet hole to his forehead. Elwell was found sitting upright in a chair in his living room as if he had just been relaxing, and there was some unopened mail beside him and an open letter in his lap. On the side table next to him was the bullet itself, carefully placed up there as if on display.
When police arrived they quickly learned that the door to the room had been locked from the inside, as had been the house itself, and a search of the premises turned up no sign of the murder weapon, which had been a .45 automatic Elwell had kept for defense. Although the opulent house was full of cash and all manner of valuables nothing appeared to have been stolen, there was no sign of any struggle, and there was no indication of a break-in, nor any foreign fingerprints. Neighbors also reported not having heard anything out of the ordinary nor had they seen any suspicious individuals about. The state of the body was also quite strange, as Elwell seemed to have been murdered there as he sat relaxing in his living room. There was no sign that he had tried to fight someone off, and he had been killed by a single perfectly placed bullet hole from about 3 to 5 feet away and at an angle placing the weapon as lower than his head, as if someone had just sat there, had a pleasant chat with him, and then suddenly blown his head off, after which they had bizarrely fetched the bullet to place it up on the table.


Motive was not particularly hard to find, as Elwell had made enemies all over the city by cheating people out of their money in high stakes card games and unrepentantly running around with married women. In fact, there were so many potential suspects that police barely knew where to begin. That he was murdered was a given, but the who of it all remained a mystery. The best lead they could come up with was that the person must have been a fairly familiar and trusted individual to have not raised any alarm and put Elwell at ease enough that he would just casually look through his mail while they were there. As to who this could be, no one has a clue, and no suspects were ever arrested.

There was also the how of it all. How had the culprit managed to get into that apartment, kill Elwell as he calmly sat in his chair, and then leave the place locked from the inside, all while not being detected? Also, why had the killer picked up the bullet to put it on display on the table? Police had no idea, and still don’t. The murder of Joseph Elwell has never been solved, how the criminal got in and escaped that room never fully explained, and is such a mysterious case that it was the basis of the famous locked-room detective novel The Benson Murder Case, which is credited with helping to jump start the detective genre of the “impossible murder.”

Another very strange case has to do with a criminal that managed to somehow escape from captivity through means that are beyond bizarre. This particular tale supposedly happened in the 1950s in the subnational kingdom of Buganda, located within the African nation of Uganda. The story begins in 1953, with the exile of the king of Buganda, Kabaka Edward Muteesa II, for opposing the integration of East Africa. During this exile a mysterious man who called himself Kibuka Kiganira Omumbale, more commonly known to everyone as Mathias Sewanyana, set up camp at the top of Mutundwe Hill, near Nateete. Sewanyana was locally known as a powerful sorcerer, who was claimed to be possessed by the spirit of the great Kibuka, Buganda’s ancient king, whose name he had taken for himself. He apparently had a long history of being possessed by various magical spirits, and his brother would say of this ability in a 1965 interview in Drum Magazine:

Well, the ghosts originally possessed his great-grandfather and, as you are well aware, in Buganda, when the old people die the spirits pick up one of the young grandsons. In the case of our family, they [spirits] chose Mathias Sewanyana to be their priest and gave him the name Kibuka Kiganira Omumbale.

From this camp at the top of the hill, Sewanyana proclaimed that he had arrived to deliver the king from exile, and he began to amass supporters and followers, who congregated at the hill and performed mystical rituals to invoke the power of the spirits to use towards their goals. The group became so large and unruly that Bugandan police orchestrated a raid on February 13, 1955, during which they met stiff resistance from a violent and armed mob, ending in the death of a Constable Samuel Nsubuga. The police were so overwhelmed by the fierce crowd that they retreated, only to return on February 28, 1955, along with reinforcements in the form of Capt Anderson, a British officer, and a company of 100 soldiers.

DispersedThis seemed to do the trick, and the mob was dispersed and Sewanyana arrested. He was later sentenced to hang, and was imprisoned at the notorious Maximum Security Prison Luzira, in Kampala. There he was kept on constant high-alert guard night and day, yet one evening when his locked and secured cell was opened Sewanyana was nowhere to be seen. The cell showed no signs of tampering, no broken locks no tunnels, nothing. Likewise, none of the guards stationed at his cell 24-hours a day had seen anything suspicious or strange and security footage showed nothing. He had simply vanished into thin air.

A subsequent investigation turned up no solution as to how Sewanyana had managed to escape, and it continued to baffle officials. In the meantime, rather than fading away the sorcerer had taken up camp at another location to continue his mad crusade, and on September 23, 1955 he was rearrested.

When asked how he had escaped, Sewanyana told police that the powerful spirit within him, Kibuka, had used his supernatural powers to teleport him out. Powerful spirits or not, there would be no second teleportation, and Sewanyana would stay in prison until October 8, 1962, when he was released under the Uganda Independence Amnesty, after which he would be found dead floating in Lake Victoria in 1972. The cause of his death was never determined.

Very strange, indeed. In 1956 we have another tale of a disappearing artist claiming to have magical powers. In August of that year, a travelling circus of sorts came to the town of Sulmona, Italy, and among them was a man named Raoul Hinay, who claimed that he possessed vast supernatural powers he had learned from mystics and yogis during his travels in India.

He offered to prove this by having himself buried alive in front of many high-profile witnesses, including the local police chief, a magistrate, and a doctor, as well as a throng of curious onlookers. He was tied up and bound, then placed within a sealed coffin and lowered into a very deep, 18-foot deep hole and buried.  The witnesses then waited a full 8 hours before digging up the coffin, half expecting to find Hinay either dead or in very bad shape. What they didn’t expect was that the coffin would be empty, the only thing left there being the ropes that had bound Hinay’s hands and feet, eerily still tied tight as if he had just phased through them.

UntamperedIt was very odd, as the coffin had been untampered with and the seal unbroken, everyone had seen the man placed inside and lowered into the pit, and the hole itself was found to have no tunnels or anywhere the man could have gone, so where could he have possibly gone? Police extensively searched the entire area to no avail, and a full investigation turned up nothing. Furthermore, it seems that Hinay never did return to his troupe, so where did he go? Was this a true demonstration of magical powers or simply a very amazing magic trick? Did it ever even really happen at all? Who knows?

In an even more recent case, the Canadian Press reported in April of 2008 on the odd story of a dangerous criminal who seems to have just teleported out of his restraints and then vanished. According to the report, 30-year-old Jermaine Carvery, who was in prison due to a string of robberies and an attempted murder charge, was being escorted by two armed guards to a medical appointment from Central Nova Scotia Correctional Facility in nearby Dartmouth, while securely locked in double-locked leg irons and handcuffs. At some point, Carvery suddenly exited the back of the corrections van they were traveling in as they pulled up to the hospital and made a run for it, his handcuffs still on but his leg shackles gone.

The guards gave chase, but after a 10-minute pursuit they lost their quarry and Carvery disappeared. An examination of the leg irons showed that they were unlocked, and video footage showed that they had been put on properly, baffling authorities as to how he could have actually gotten out of them. Fred Honsberger, the province’s executive director of correctional services, said of the puzzling escape, “It’s a mystery, I’ve never heard of anyone getting out of leg irons before.” Did he somehow phase through his restraints or was this just a very clever and gifted escape artist? It is hard to say. Indeed, it is hard to know what to think about any of these cases.

Where did these people go and how did they manage to just vanish like that right under everyone’s noses? What was their secret and how did they do it? Was this due to mysterious forces or mere trickery? They remain curious oddities, and a peek into a strange corner of the paranormal.
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