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Remulla bares post-holidays COVID cases hike in Cavite


Gov. Juanito Victor ‘Jonvic’ Remulla Jr. posted this on his social media account on January 9, 2021.

We have reached the zero case record, but due to uncontrollable family gatherings and recreational activities, the number of COVID cases has risen again,” said Remulla.

As of January 8, 194 positive COVID cases were reported.

For those who think that it does not matter, the majority should understand that the death rate in COVID is 2.5 percent of those infected. Meaning, more than five people will definitely lose their lives. Expect in the coming days until January 20, 2021 that the number of cases will go up even more before it goes down again,” said Remulla.

Remulla said “there should be a collective effort and responsibility to control the virus.

While I carry a huge burden to ensure the safety of my fellow Caviteños, I believe we must stick together and look out for one another,” he added.

Of the 18,005 total COVID cases in Cavite, 995 are active, there were 6,584 recoveries, and 506 deaths.