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Report on PECO ‘abuses’ released

Panay Electric Company

AN investigative report on the real situation of the power system in Iloilo City was released by the Publishers’ Association of the Philippines (PAPI), the country’s largest media group of publishers, which detailed the alleged abuses of power supplier Panay Electric Company (PECO) and the changes in the city following the collapse of its more than 90 year operation.

According to PAPI president Nelson Santos, as an advocate of truth for the past 45-years it is the responsibility of PAPI to reveal the real events in Iloilo City, prompting them to come out with the investigative report which showed that during the management of PECO, it became negligent which resulted in its eventual demise after many decades.

“We took interest on the issue because it involves the interest and welfare of Ilonggo power consumers, which is really the most affected sector in this controversy. We looked at the issue and knew right away that we need to do something to ferret out the truth regarding this matter,” explained Santos.

Santos admitted that the numerous propaganda issued by PECO after its franchise was rejected created confusion among the public, PAPI felt the need to discuss the issue and wrote the events as it really happened.

“We, as publishers whose main product is truth, we can’t just sit idly amidst the controversy. We have to know the truth, we have to deliver the truth,” said Santos, a member of the Presidential Task Force on Media Security.

Santos is hopeful that the comprehensive report on the power situation in Iloilo City will help the 65,000 power consumers receive the right information, information that will clarify issues in the wake of propaganda.

Among the issues discussed in the investigative report of PAPI are the controversial overbilling of PECO, regular power interruptions, failure to upgrade their facilities even if the company was not suffering losses and the millions of bonuses given to its officials and non-payment of taxes.

PAPI also discussed in its investigative report Congress’ basis for the cancellation of PECO’s legislative franchise and the filing of different cases in the courts and the Energy Regulatory Commission (ERC) to stop the new distribution utility More Electric and Power Corp (More Power) from operating.

The report also included how More Power conducted its operations from the time it toook over as the power supplier of Iloilo City last February 2020 and its accomplishments over a short period of time.

Santos said the results of their investigative report showed that the group is in favor of the decision of Congress to revoke the legislative franchise of PECO because of its violations and poor quality of service as a utility operator.

“Aside from winning the support of just about all sectors of the community—city officials, church leaders, business groups, consumer advocacy groups, etc. — we are convinced that More Power is doing everything to ensure a much better relationship with the community it serves,” Santos explained.

The PAPI report can be read at http://www.papi.com.ph/wp/all-the-fuss-about-peco-and-whats-more-with-more-power/.

Publication Source :    People's Journal