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Robinson to stay with Lyceum as team consultant

Roberto P. Laurel and Topex Robinson
Robinson with LPU president Roberto P. Laurel during the 2018 signing.

LYCEUM of the Philippines University will still have coach Topex Robinson, but in a different capacity.

The Intramuros-based school has recently reconfigured Robinson’s five-year contract signed in 2018, as he will be the Pirates’ men’s basketball consultant.

Robinson, who was named Phoenix’s interim coach after the PBA franchise ended its relationship with its three-year head coach Louie Alas last week, was given assurance by the university’s president Roberto P. Laurel yesterday.

“I feel so blessed to have a boss like Sir RPL. I’m actually lost for words since when news broke out that I was named interim head coach of Phoenix, the Laurel family only had words of encouragement for me,” said Robinson.

“Sir RPL even told me that the school will be there for me since coaching in the PBA is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. I just feel blessed and humbled,” he added.

Robinson’s consultant role with the Pirates will remain until the Fuel Masters relinquishes their partnership with Robinson.

After his first three-year contract with LPU ended 2018, Robinson inked a fresh deal with the school that was effective in December of that year and was also named as the Director of Basketball Operations, overseeing LPU’s men’s and juniors’ programs.

Under Robinson, the Pirates turned from perennial also-rans to perennial title contenders, claiming back-to-back NCAA men’s basketball championship appearances.

LPU clinched its first-ever Finals appearances after completing a 18-0 sweep in 2017 and made another trip to the title round the following season. The Pirates placed third last year.

“Sila Sir RPL did not have to do this but they still did so. I’m honored to continue being part of Lyceum. They have been there for me through the highs and the lows of my career,” said Robinson, who took over in 2015.

Besides the on-court accomplishments, Robinson’s program also received acclaimed praise from the community as it represented three core values, loving, serving, and caring, which has been the Pirates’ mantra in the past few seasons.

“I would just like to thank Sir RPL for believing in me and giving me security. Actually, I would like to thank the entire Laurel family, from Mrs. Lorna Laurel to Boss Andro, for treating me like one of their own. It’s my honor and my privilege to continue working for them and for Lyceum,” said Robinson.

Publication Source :    People's Tonight