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Robot machine to ease Ilocos cash transactions

Ilocos robot cash transaction
Mayor Chavit Singson (center) demontrates the operation of the automated machine in Narvacan, Ilocos Sur. Photo by CHRISTIAN SUPNAD

NARVACAN, Ilocos Sur — Ilocanos will no longer have to go down to the cities or town proper to deposit or withdraw money, pay bills and send cash with the successful setting of what they called ‘Gracia Telecom Kiosk/ Automated Payment Machine’ thru the efforts of Gracia Telecom CEO Charissa Singson and his father  Mayor Luis “Chavit” Singson.

This first ever state-of-the-art  ATM is another  project of Mayor Chavit Singson, who is also the national president of the League of Municipalities of the Philippines.

“The Gracia Telecom provides you a new service wherein you can have your own VISA and DEBIT CARD (dispense from the machine), pay your bills without queuing a long time with banks and other bayad centers; just go to the nearest place where you can access the Gracia loading and Bills Payment kiosk. You can pay your bills, credit card, loans and other bills using this kiosk. Not only the bill payments but you can also load your Gcash, eloads and other services using this Kiosk,” said Singson.

Singson  vowed to set up more ATMs throughout the province.

The installation of the robot machine was witnessed by Vice Mayor Pablito Sanidad Sr., Municipal Administrator Pablo Sanidad II, members of the council, 34 barangay captains,  police, and the residents.

Makati City Pabakuna

Singson pointed out the robot machine will be a big help to local residents.

He added that the robot machine has a satellite and operates 24 hours daily.

“This will serve as a bank to all the people here and this is a big help to the majority of the people particularly those living in the uplamd towns as they will no longer go down to the city of Candon to deposit, withdraw their money,” said Singson.

Singson, the  Gracia Money Padala Card  has a Visa debit card and multi-purpose card.

The multi-purpose card can be used the employees in borrowing money so that they don’t have to resort to ‘5/6’ lenders.

Publication Source :    People's Tonight