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Roque to accept all media interviews

Harry Roque - Presidential Spokesperson

UniTeam senatorial candidate Harry Roque is willing to accommodate all media interviews to discuss issues that are happening in the country.

Roque, a human rights lawyer, is confident that he knows the law when he runs for the Senate seat.

“I will accept any media invitations. The more invitations, the merrier,” he said in an interview with The Chiefs on Wednesday.

“I am more than willing to discuss issues because that’s the only way I will have a chance at all of reaching the Senate, telling the people I know how policies should be made, and how the law should be written in the manner that will bring genuine change,” the former presidential spokesperson said.

On UniTeam’s presidential candidate Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos Jr.’s refusal to be interviewed by a particular media organization, Roque said he would also do the same thing if it were against him.

“If I were the frontrunner and media interview can only be negative to me, I’d probably not do the interview,” Roque said.

“But I am not a frontrunner. I am a tail-ender, so I welcome all interviews.”


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