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Roque to defend people’s rights beyond elections

UniTeam Senatorial candidate Harry Roque has thanked his supporters and vowed to continue defending the rights of Filipinos regardless of the results of the May 9 elections.

On Monday, Roque cast his vote in Barangay White Plains, Quezon City. He encouraged the electorate to guard the sanctity of the Filipino vote so that the election results would reflect the people’s will.

Roque reiterated that only the people, in their sovereign capacity, can resolve the political question of who should best lead the Philippines.

“I am grateful and humbled by the support we have received from Filipinos across the nation and overseas. We leave the results to God,” Roque said.

The human right and health advocate added, “We will continue to be of service to the Filipino people, no matter the results.”

The international lawyer has secured convictions for the murderers of 19 journalists in the Maguindanao Massacre case and the American serviceman killer of transgender Jennifer Laude.

He has also represented Filipino clients before the United Nations Human Rights Committee and the ASEAN Inter-Governmental Commission on Human Rights.

Recently, the government of Ukraine formally asked Roque to join its legal team that will file war crime cases before the ICC.

Roque will help the legal team prosecute Russian military personnel involved in the sexual abuse of Ukrainian women.

The first Asian lawyer to practice before the International Criminal Court (ICC), Roque was also admitted to practice before the War Crimes Tribunal for Rwanda in 2004.


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