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Roque to push for efficient organ system

UniTeam senatorial candidate Harry Roque wants the establishment of an “effective, efficient, and ethical” organ procurement system from deceased donors.

Roque, a former congressman, said legislation should equitably allocate organs to potential transplant recipients to control organ buying and sell exploitative practices.

He would refile House Bill no. 0254 or the “Deceased Organ Donor Act,” which he authored in the House of Representatives if elected senator.

Under the bill, the State shall protect and promote the right to people’s health. It also recognizes the importance of an active deceased donor program in providing valuable treatment to those with kidney failure and protecting the vulnerable sectors of society from the potential for abuse of living organ donors.

The bill stated that any commercialization in the handling of organs for transplantation is prohibited.

It said the State should respect the desire of citizens to donate organs and ensure that the consent process is informed and purely voluntary. It also recognizes the family’s right to choose by having access to complete information, including the positive impact of the act of organ donation.

According to Roque, many non-related living “donors” are reportedly destitute individuals who sold their kidneys to wealthy patients.

These “donors” are supposedly recruited by middlemen who go around the country to convince people to sell their kidneys in exchange for about PI00,000, Roque said.


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