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Royal Caribbean causes uproar among customers

Royal Caribbean

The Royal Caribbean is one of the world’s largest cruise line operators. This establishment offers travellers the chance to explore different destinations around the globe while being able to enjoy amenities such as ice-skating rinks, zip lines, and more. Besides this, the cruise ship also offers customers a chance to play casino games.

This was only added back in 2019 which was a controversial move for them. The ship’s allocated spaces housed the casinos, which were run by an independent vendor. Customers can make use of cash, credit cards, or their onboard accounts to buy chips, and winnings could be exchanged for prizes or cash.

They were met with mixed reactions but this allowed players to play popular titles such as online slot machine Philippines, baccarat, blackjack, and more. Recently, the Royal Caribbean caused uproar among customers once again as Facebook groups discuss its major casino change and the confusion it causes.

The Royal Caribbean Casino Royal program is multifaceted. Depending on your gambling record per year and your value as a customer, you can earn a variety of rewards. One of the entry-level rewards you could receive is free drinks and an annual free cruise.

Changes in the program

Although there are not many changes regarding the royal program every year, there is a sense of mystery and randomness when it comes to their secondary perks. You will only get these offers through your email or their website. As mentioned above, they base the occurrence of receiving these offers on your value on your most recent trip.

Here is an in-depth look at the casino’s featured ways to earn a chance to enjoy a free cruise suite on your next trip:

  • Email offers – As mentioned above, you can get the chance to enjoy a free cabin through email. Although the casino does not reveal the criteria wherein a customer is set to receive one, it is at least known that it’s somewhat tied to the points you’ve earned previously.
  • Annual Tier Cruise – Once you reach the 2500-point threshold, you can enjoy seven nights inside a cabin. If you reach more points depending on the casino year, you can enjoy better suites.
  • Instant offers – During a single cruise trip, you can also earn free cruise certificates depending on the number of points you garnered. Like the other offers, the number of points will earn you better rooms on the cruise.

With this, customers are causing an uproar due to different accounts of what customers have received from the program. While others get discounts, some enjoy free suites which enraged many. In some cases, the customer gets one free person in double occupancy but is still asked to pay the second person’s fare whether the second person goes or not.

Confusion caused

The main problem with this type of reward system is the mystery involved. The criteria are not disclosed. In regards to other promotions, only some members get to enjoy them. With this, online slot machine Philippines players are never sure if they’re getting the deal of a time or not. Unfortunately, Royal Caribbean has yet to respond to the voiced concerns of the customers.

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