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Sad results of MMFF 2020

Fan girl
Paulo Avelino and Charlie Dizon

THE box-office take of the two-week run of the Metro Manila filmfest amounts to a measly P31 million. This is certainly so sad. Imagine, the total of what all the ten full length film entries earned is just a drop in the bucket compared to the usual earnings of past Metro Manila Film Festivals shown in actual movie houses that is almost about P1 billion!

P31 million is just the budget of one movie. We really can’t help but pity our producers, specially those who spent so much for their respective projects, like Brightlight Productions whose budget for “Magikland” soared to P200 million because of its very extensive and expensive CGI special effects.

None of them would be able to recover their investments from the recent festival. Their only hope to earn a bit more is if they could sell their ancillary rights to TV networks or international streaming services like Netflix or iFlix for a higher fee.

The Boy Foretold by the Stars
The Boy Foretold by the Stars

As for the ranking, we’re told that “Fan Girl”, the best picture, best actress, best actor, best director winner, remains on top. This is followed by “The Boy Foretold by the Stars” (the second best picture winner), “Mang Kepweng: Lihim ng Bandanang Itim”, “The Missing” and “Pakboys Takusa”. Sadly, none of the drama entries made it to the top five.

This only proves that Filipino viewers are definitely not just ready to pay for first run movies they can watch via streaming. We’re not surprised, though, since almost all stars can now be seen FOR FREE on their Youtube channels or vlogs.

And there are also other contents, like K-pop shows so popular now, that they can watch on the internet all at no extra cost. It is only in more developed countries with good and extensive wifi connections that streaming on Netflix or Amazon or HBO can get their target audiences. But for a third world country like us, people would prefer not to shell additional money that they can set aside for food or other more important things so essential in their impoverished lives.

Some producers, we are told, will transfer their films to other streaming outlets while some are releasing their films in areas where theaters are allowed to open, like in nearby towns and suburbs where restrictions are less strict. But will moviegoers be enticed to go back to the theaters? We doubt it. Many folks are still scared to go out, specially now that there’s a new virus strain that is said to be going around. This is the same reason why the restaurant business is also badly affected and many eateries have closed down.

We really sympathize with and are so afraid for our local film industry. There are many movies that have already been completed and awaiting release but they’d rather wait and sit it out until we live again in a truly safe environment where people are not afraid to go out.

What keeps Dingdong young-looking

Dingdong Dantes
Dingdong Dantes

AFTER the successful run of “Descendants of the Sun” that won him the Asian Star Prize in Korea, Dingdong Dantes scores another feather in his cap as the newest endorser of Beautéderm Corporation. Yes, Beautéderm continues to level-up and spread good vibes this 2021 as it welcomes Dingdong to its illustrious roster of A-List endorsers as the official brand ambassador of their Beautéderm Cristaux Supreme.

Cristaux Supreme is an FDA-Notified product that increases collagen synthesis that moisturizes and whitens the skin; minimizes puffiness; alleviates eyebags and defies aging. Perfect for ages 18 years old and above and safe for lactating mothers, this meticulously formulated product is deliberately and carefully created to be generally safe for all skin types and is best applied twice a day and could be even used as a primer for make-up.

Dingdong, whose amazing career spans more than two decades, is one of the most celebrated and most respected actors in the industry. With a consistent string of top-rating primetime TV series and blockbuster movies under his belt, he is at 40 not immune to the tolls of his hectic career that affects his skin’s youthful glow.

“We men should also take good care of our skin. Beautéderm Cristaux Supreme is now an essential part of my daily skin regimen and as an actor, I use it daily to maintain the youthfulness of my skin. Cristaux Supreme is really age defying,” says the award-winning actor who won best actor for the films “Segunda Mano” and “One More Try” and for the TV series “Stairway to Heaven”.

Beautéderm president and CEO Rhea Anicoche-Tan explains the wondrous effects of Beautéderm Cristaux Supreme: “Cristaux Supreme erases two years’ worth of wrinkles in just two months of regular use. Dingdong is very hard-working and the long hours he spends on the set of his film and TV work will really give his face unwanted lines and wrinkles, and Cristaux Supreme is the most ideal serum for his lifestyle.”

“I’m very much aware of the long-term effects of my work to my skin especially now that I turned 40,” adds Dong. “So I really encourage every man to use an effective skin regimen like Beautéderm’s Cristaux Supreme as it will surely keep us looking fresh and youthful.”

2021 is another special year for Beautéderm as it marks the company’s 12th anniversary and the launch of Dingdong as brand ambassador is only the first of many surprises that Rhea has in store for the new year. “I am so happy that Dingdong is now part of the Beautéderm family. The day is finally here that we can proudly say that Dingdong Dantes is officially a Beautéderm Cristaux Supreme brand ambassador,” says an ecstatic Rhea.

Dingdong on the other is equally elated now that he is part of company who also have his wife Marian Rivera-Dantes as the face of Beautéderm Home with its line of soy candles as well as room and linen sprays.

“I can now see and feel what Marian is gushing about,” says Dong. “Beautéderm really is a happy and fun family. Aside from my wife, a lot of my friends are also part of the brand as ambassadors. I can’t wait for all the promotional activities that we will do this 2021. I am so grateful and honored that Rhea got me to be a part of Beautéderm Cristaux Supreme and this for sure, will be a lasting partnership.”

Dong and Marian are one of the true models for perfect relationship goals among showbiz couples. They’re happily married, have great looking adorable kids and flourishing careers. Dong’s next big project is the hardhitting action-drama, Viva’s “A Hard Day”, co-starring John Arcilla and Janno Gibbs.

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