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Safe celebration of Halloween amid pandemic

Happy Halloween

THERE’s no possible way people can celebrate Halloween in cemeteries or in the neighborhood while the National Capital Region is still under the General Community Quarantine (GCQ).

Large gatherings and partying are still not allowed during GCQ and Halloween may not be so scary this year with COVID-19 still around. Here’s what you can do to make Halloween celebration fun and safe.

* Decorate for your neighbors. Now’s the time to be neighborly — safely, of course. You can make Halloween drawings or a greeting card for a friend or neighbor. Anything that fosters community is great; it gives a sense of neighborliness. It is a win-win: You get to do something kind for a neighbor and also work on a project as a family.

* Design your own costumes. Try to be more creative. For many families, the pandemic gives them an opportunity to have more time together. Let kids pick out their costumes and help design a matching mask to wear.

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* Make recipes as a family. Give kids the opportunity to pick a recipe and make it together. Kids would love to play an adult role and cook in the chicken. Let your kids be part of the plan and prepare the meal or treat you’re making and have fun.

* Trick-or-treat around the house. This is a great. Have kids find hidden candy. Turn off the lights, give the kids a flashlight and let them at it. Sure, your couch cushions will be upended, but you’ll have created precious, messy memories.

* Plan a small get-together. If your kids are craving a more traditional Halloween that is. Make sure kids are wearing masks; keep lots of sanitizer on hand and make sure to take regular breaks for handwashing.

* Create candy bags for trick-or-treaters. Kids love sweets and candies. If you are handing out treats, it’s best to give them outside preferably by one person rather than having a large amount of children reaching in and grabbing treats. You may leave small individual bags of candy that the kids can pick up on their own. Put a sign that they should be considerate with other children and just take one bag each for them.