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Sanya pits acting talent with Uge: ‘I feel lucky’

Sanya Lopez and Eugene Domingo

SANYA Lopez feels lucky that after guesting in “Wish Ko Lang” and “Mars Pa More”, she’s now a guest again in the fresh new episode of “Dear Uge”. She stars in the episode “Ang Dalawang Mrs. U”, which has two parts. The first part will be shown this Sunday at 2:30 PM and the second part on September 27.

“Suwerte ko talaga dahil sunud-sunod ang guestings ko,” says Sanya. “And I play a good role in ‘Dear Uge’. The story starts na namatay ang husband ni Ate Uge as Stella. Di niya alam, may other woman pala ‘yung mister niya, si Nelda, at ako ‘yun, and I happen to be pregnant.”

Uge’s husband named Marco Unciano has left a big sum of money, but he placed it under the name of his lawyer friend, Atty. George, played by Gardo Versoza, who happens to be gay. Uge can inherit the money only if she would comply with one condition: she has to live with her husband’s mistress under one roof for a certain number of days.

Since the money is entrusted in George’s name, then Uge as Stella has no choice but to comply and accept the challenge to live with Nelda, no matter how repulsive it is for her.

Nelda also accepts the challenge and while they are living together, Atty. George keeps watch on them and takes note of their behavior toward each other. The reason for this is for him to determine who deserves to get a bigger amount of money from his late client: Uge or Sanya?

As maybe expected, sparks immediately fly between the two Mrs. U. Uge insists that she is the legal wife while Sanya says she has the advantage of carrying Mr. Unciano’s unborn child. No one is wiling to give way.

Gina Marissa Tagasa, the beautiful head writer of “Dear Uge”, says that the material about two women fighting may be explosive but their treatment is very light. “May konting dramatic moments din between the two female protagonists na very touching ang dating,” she says. “Sa kabuuan, very entertaining siya and heartwarming, with great performances from Uge, Sanya and Gardo, written by Jessie Villabrille and directed by Tata Betita.”

“Nag-enjoy ako sa role, kasi magkahalong comedy at drama,” adds Sanya. “It’s so much fun to work with both Ate Uge and Kuya Gardo kasi pareho silang napakagaling at napakasarap na kaeksena.”

Sanya’s recent guesting in “Mars Pa More” is a big hit with the viewers as she shared her workout routine at home to maintain her shapely figure. Since she doesn’t have the usual equipment used in a gym, she shows her improvised exercises done on the floor and on the wall which anyone can do at their very own home.

“We have to be inventive kasi hindi tayo makapunta sa gym to work out,” she says. “I’m really praying matapos na itong pandemic para makapag-taping na rin kami ng aming bagong show. Kasama ako sa ‘Agimat ng Agila’ starring Sen. Bong Revilla and I’m excited and looking forward to taping the show with him. Hopefully soon.”

K-Drama wave sweeps TV5

K-Drama TV5

TV5 is really strengthening its programming not only with new local shows but also with acclaimed Koreanovelas. Local fans of Korean drama are now in for a double treat as two of Korea’s outstanding drama series will be seen on TV5 beginning Monday, September 21.

K-Dramas have touched the hearts of Filipinos because of its original and compelling plots coupled with hard-hitting social commentary on generational and class conflicts that have proven to be relatable to the Filipino audience.

Makati City Pabakuna

TV5’s newest addition to its program roster are “Reply 1988” and “Wok of Love”. Starring Lee Hyeri (Sung Deok Sun), Park Bo Gum (Choi Taek) , Ryu Joon Yeol (Kim Jung Hwan), Go Kyung Pyo (Sung Sun Woo), and Lee Dong Hwi (Ryu Dong Ryong), “Reply 1988” is a cult favorite in Korea and in other countries where it is shown.

Set in the year 1988, the series revolves around 5 childhood friends and their families living in the same neighborhood. This is definitely a throwback to the times when real friendships were forged without the convenience of technology.

Its final episode recorded an 18.8% nationwide audience share in Korea, making it the fourth highest rated drama in Korean cable television history, beating the ratings of Pinoy favorite KDramas such as Crash Landing on You and Itaewon Class.

The show even emerged as the biggest winner in the tvN10 awards of 2016, bagging 8 out of 18 nominations including the Grand Prize (Daesang) Drama Award and Content Grand Excellence Award. Ryu Joon Yeol, who plays Kim Jung Hwa, was even awarded the Baeksang Arts Award for Best New Actor in TV in 2016.

Another drama series that will fuel your appetite and build excitement is “Wok of Love”. You can marvel in the sumptuous cuisine that it features in each episode, while the main characters engage themselves in light-hearted slice-of-life encounters and romantic interludes in the show’s most thrilling moments.

The show features a stellar cast that includes Lee Jun Ho, member of K-pop boy group 2PM, Jang Hyuk, and Jung Ryeo-Won who will captivate audiences with their undeniable chemistry and exceptional performance.

Don’t miss the K-Drama wave with “Reply 1988” and “Wok of Love” starting this Monday, September 21, 2020. Both shows will air back-to-back Mondays thru Fridays, from 8:30 to 9:30 PM, only on TV5.

XOXO misses performing live

XOXOXOXO is a new all-girl group whose four members simply known as Riel, Dani, Lyra, at Mel, were recruited from “The Clash”. They have now released their debut single, also titled “XOXO”, under GMA Music that has all the makings of a big hit. The four girls deliver powerhouse performances and the song has a very positive message about woman empowerment.

“We want to show them who we really are as performers as well as when we’re not on stage,” says Riel. “We know that we cannot please everyone but we’re not going to stop pursuing our dreams. Kagaya nga po ‘nung sinabi namin sa song ‘no matter what they say, no matter what they do, we’re gonna keep on flying’.” Dani says the song carries a message about self love and body positivity. “We want to inspire people who are not feeling good and confident with themselves, those who think that they are not perfect or they don’t fit in sa “standards” ng society. We want to show them that it is okay to be different and each of us has our own kind of beauty.”

The girls just feel that they cannot perform live now because of the pandemic. “Sobrang na-miss po namin doing shows for a live audience,” says Lyra. “Iba po talaga mag-perform kapag nasa big stage ka, with all the lights and magkakasama kami. Iba ‘yung energy na nasa harapan mo lang ang audience.”

“Iba kasi yung live dahil bawal magkamali,” says Mel. “Mas exciting kasi kapag nagkamali ka, walang take two so dapat, galingan mo lagi. Iba rin ‘yung feeling ng fulfillment after mo mag-perform ng live at natapos mo na, then nakababa ka na ng stage.”

The uplifting song is composed by Kiko Salazar and you can now stream it live on Apple Music, Spotify, YouTube Music and other digital stores worldwide.

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