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Sanya rocks in bikini

Sanya Lopez
Sanya Lopez

SANYA Lopez rocked Instagram with her recent swimsuit pics taken at the beach resort in Batangas owned by Gabby Concepcion, her leading man in the current hit GMA primetime show, “First Yaya”. This was taken during their rest period after three consecutive lock in tapings for the lovable GMA Telebabad romcom that has captured the hearts of many viewers.

The comments section of her social media account quickly garnered thousands of favorable remarks telling Sanya that she looks so good in her swimsuit and she’s now the certified Sexiest Yaya.

“Thank you po sa inyong positive comments,” Sanya tells them. “Nakakataba ng puso ang mga papuri nyo, pati sa ‘First Yaya’, salamat sa inyong panonood at pagsuporta.”

But of course, some folks quickly concluded that since she went with Gabby to his resort, does that mean that something romantic is already brewing between them? They warn her to be cautious of Gabby since it’s common knowledge that most of the actresses Gabby brought to his beach house eventually became his inamorata like Anjanette Abayari and Dindi Gallardo.

But someone quickly defended Sanya and said she has a chaperone when she went to the resort. This is her “First Yaya” co-star, Kakai Bautista, the ex-future girlfriend of Thai actor Mario Maurer that he says he’s not even aware of.

Sanya really feels so blessed because her first title-role drama series, “First Yaya”, is now the number one show on primetime. Its pilot week was a sure winner, always rating 20 percent and above. Not only that, the feedback of viewers as expressed in social media is all very encouraging and favorable.

Most viewers say Sanya fits the role of Yaya Melody quite perfectly. But they also have to thank the show’s writers who have come up with a truly winning and lovable character in Melody, the breadwinner in their family who works as an OFW cleaner in a Mediterranean resort hotel.

While she’s working hard abroad, her younger sister is impregnated by her own boyfriend, breaking her heart. Her mom is Sandy Andolong but she relates more with her very sympathetic dad, Buboy Garovillo. But her dad dies in an accident soon after the story starts and then returns as a spirit who encourages her when she is feeling down.

Unlike in other soaps where it takes time before the two leads finally meet, in ‘First Yaya’, Sanya and Gabby quickly meet not just once but twice in the first episode. The ending shows Gabby giving Sanya his handkerchief when he sees her crying because of her dad’s death and it’s a real “kilig” moment.

What’s nice about Melody is that, despite the many trials she faces in her life, she remains to have a contagious sunshiny disposition that makes you cheer and root for her. She believes in fairy tales and Yaya Melody becomes more endearing as she has several villains to contend with: Pilar Pilapil as Gabby’s meddlesome and imperious mother, Maxine Medina as the socialite in love with Gabby and even among the other househelps, there is also a contravida, the antipatika Kakai Bautista.

Gabby Concepcion also plays his role as the vice president effectively. And he also has his own set of contravidas, led by Gardo Versoza as the scheming Speaker of the House and his ally and lover, Glenda Garcia as Marni Tupaz, the palace reporter who wants to help Gardo bring Gabby down.

All in all, it’s a perfect formula to make viewers fall in love with Melody and “First Yaya” and all its other characters, including the young lovers played by Cassy Legaspi and Joaquin Domagoso. Add to that the astute direction of L.A. Madridejos who knows how to push the right buttons and it looks like they have a real winner that will have a long run on GMA’s primetime slot even in this scary season of the pandemic when people are encouraged to just stay home and not go out at all.

GMA brings back ‘Ang Dalwang Mrs. Real’

Ang dalawang Mrs. Real

DINGDONG Dantes says “Ang Dalawang Mrs. Real” is one of the most successful dramas he has ever done in his entire career. In its complex story, he plays the role of a man with two wives, Maricel Soriano and Lovi Poe. It was a big hit then on primetime and was really talked about by viewers.

“My role as Anthony Real in that show is one of the most challenging roles I’ve ever played,” says Dingdong. “I’m a bigamous husband torn between Maricel Soriano as Milette Real and Lovi Poe as Shiela Real. We had so many dramatic highlights in the course of the story na talaga namang tumatak sa puso ng lahat ng viewers nito.”

Now, they’re bringing it back on GMA Afternoon Prime to replace “Bilangin ang Bituin sa Langit” starting this Monday. Also in the powerhouse cast are Alessandra de Rossi as Sandy, Coney Reyes and Jaime Fabregas as Dingdong’s parents, Robert Arevalo and Celeste Legaspi as Maricel’s parents, Tommy Abuel and Susan Africa as Lovi’s parents, plus Rodjun Cruz and Marc Abaya. This is under the direction of Andoy Ranay and will be shown right after “Babawiin Ko ang Lahat”.

Alden does hot AOS opening number

ALDEN Richards fans will be thrilled to know that he is doing the sizzling hot opening number of “All Out Sundays” this weekend that will officially welcome the summer season! Joining him in the fantabulous production number are Julie Anne San Jose, Barbie Forteza, Rayver Cruz, Christian Bautista, Mark Bautista, Glaiza de Castro, Miguel Tanfelix, Ruru Madrid, Kyline Alcantara, Migo Adecer, Jeremiah Tiangco, and guests Rodjun Cruz, Bugoy Drilon and Tom Rodriguez.

Then watch out for the Queendom divas – Julie Anne San Jose, Jessica Villarubin, Thea Astley, Jennie Gabriel and Lani Misalucha, as they pay tribute to the classic hit songs from the master songwriter – George Canseco.

Expect the Cypher team to burn the dance floor with Rayver Cruz, Miguel Tanfelix, Rodjun Cruz, Mannex Manhattan and DJ Loonyo as they bring tiktok hits to a higher level. Alden Richards and Bugoy Drilon will team up with Barbie Forteza, Thea Astley & Kyline Alcantara for a summer-perfect performance of the song “Girl Like Me.”

The spotlight will be on Glaiza de Castro as she takes center stage for the All Out Concert. She will be joined by her “Nagbabagang Luha” co-star, Rayver Cruz. Will summer lovin’ be in the air for the romcom, “Love Doctors”?

Catch the next installment of this musical comedy skit with Glaiza de Castro, Paolo Contis, Denise Barbacena, Kristoffer Martin, Betong Sumaya, Jennie Gabrie and Tuesday Vargas. The all out summer party happens this Sunday in “All-Out Sundays” at 12:00 nn on March 28, 2021 on GMA.