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SBCA’s continuing legacy: Globally marketable, competent Bernadettians

Rabonza Family
THE FAMILY BEHIND ST. BERNADETTE COLLEGE OF ALABANG, INC. — The St. Bernadette College of Alabang Board Members namely (from L) Ma. Flordeliza De Guzman, Maria Corazon Rabonza, Rodolfo Rabonza, Romualdo Rabonza, Maria Rosario Rabonza, Maria Cecilia Santos. Seated are Antonio N. Rabonza and Dr. Felicitas C. Rabonza.

FOR more than three decades now, St. Bernadette College of Alabang, Inc. (SBCA) has been enriching lives and serving as an agent of social transformation.

SBCA’s founding owners Mr. Antonio Rabonza and Mrs. Felicitas C. Rabonza, and their children, (Ma. Rosario, Ma. Corazon, Ma. Cecilia, Romualdo, Rodolfo and Ma. Flordeliza) take great pride in the rare distinction earned by each graduate of their esteemed school.

Mainly because every student who steps out of SBCA’s noble halls armed with a diploma and higher learning is certified to be globally marketable and competent.

SBCA prepares learners for life and hones graduates who could make a difference in the country and to the rest of the world. Notably, Mr. and Mrs. Rabonza and their kids are bigger than life role models of SBCA‘s core values.

Like their Bernadettian brood, they are living examples of purity, honesty and are humble in spirit.

The school was conceived in 1983 with its first name, Bernadette School for Children, in a small renovated apartment garage, with one small classroom for the use of 91 Nursery, Kindergarten and Preparatory level pupils.

Since then, an additional grade level had been added each year.

In 1989, SBCA offered the complete elementary levels.

Another major turning point was in 1991, wherein SBCA offered the complete junior high school levels and registered its 2nd school name, St. Bernadette School of Alabang.

The opening of the College Department in School Year 1996 – 1997 marked a milestone for the Institution wherein the name St. Bernadette School of Alabang was changed to St. Bernadette College of Alabang.

In this school year, the SBCA truly responded to the three-tiered formal educational needs of the youth: Grade School; High School; and College. It was when Bernadettians started serving the country and making a universal mark.

From its humble garage beginning, SBCA has become a byword and a sprawling institution in Alabang, offering four-year degree courses and short term programs.

These include Bachelor of Elementary Education, Bachelor of Secondary Education (Major in English, Math, Social Studies & Music Education), B.S. Hospitality Management, B.S. Information Technology, B.S. Administration (Major in Marketing Management & Operations Management), B.S. Entrepreneurship, B.A. Psychology; Certificate in Teaching Program (CTP) Certificate in Pre-School Education (CPE), Diploma in Midwifery (2 Years), Cookery NC II, Food & Beverage NC II, Bread & Pastry NC II, Massage Therapy NC II and Caregiving NC II.

With the guidance of SBCA’s patron saint St. Bernadette, the Rabonzas are confident that their apostolate and legacy will thrive in the hearts and minds of the school community.

Guiding the Bernadettian flock to lead a life of respect, responsibility, service to humanity and love for God are Felicitas C. Rabonza, Ed.D., President; Antonio N. Rabonza, Vice President for Finance; Ma. Flordeliza R. De Guzman, MA.Ed., Vice President for Academic Affairs and Administration; Maria Rosario C. Rabonza, Assistant to the VP for Finance/Registrar; Rodolfo C. Rabonza, Vice President for Student Affairs; Romuald C. Rabonza, Research and Development and IT Chief; Engr. Luis Vergel C. De Guzman, Campus Management and Development Head; Maria Ramona Cosay-Gonzales, Principal, Basic Education; Danilo H. Cabalu, Ed.D., College Dean; Annabelle S. Pelayo, MA.Ed.-GC, Guidance Counselor; Leonardo B. Lim, SHS Coordinator; Jennette Cornejo, TESDA Coordinator; Andrea Z. Pinaroc, Admissions Officer/Psychometrician; Nenita Borja, School Librarian; Isagani Dionido, School Nurse, and Maesy Manalastas, H.R. Officer.

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