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Secret Surveillance of the U.S. Cattle Herd, Part 1

My previous article was titled “From Vampires to Cattle Mutilations.” At the very end of part-2 of that article, in relation to who or what I suspect is behind the cattle mutilations, I wrote the following words: “My view on all of this? I think at some point from the 1960s onward there were deep concerns that something dangerous – maybe, even, deadly – had gotten into the food-chain. Our food-chain. The result: tests were clandestinely undertaken by night to try and figure out how bad the situation could potentially get. If that sounds a bit vague, well, yes, it is. That’s because I’ll come to the bigger picture of all that very soon…” With that said, now it’s time for me to state why, precisely, I think the cattle mutilations from the 1960s to the 1980s were not the work of vampires, aliens, or supernatural creatures. I suspect that an agency of government was behind it all. There’s a very good reason why I say that; since way back in the 1940s, certain elements of the U.S. Government have kept a close, and secret, eye on the nation’s cattle – as you will now see. In part 1 of this article I’ll begin with how the government was highly concerned by the possibility that agents of a foreign country were trying to destroy America’s cattle herd. So, what was done? U.S. agents spent a lot of time secretly monitoring the cattle – and all across the country. In other words, and long before cattle mutilations were on the scene of anybody, agencies were carefully and quietly keeping their eyes and ears open on this disturbing situation. The first part of this article is focused on concerns that the government had surrounding foot-and-mouth disease.  Nick Redfern December 9, 2020


Back in the early 2000s, while I was in the U.S. National Archives for around a week, I dug through numerous files of the U.S. government’s old Research and Development Board. One of the documents dated from 1948 and demonstrated that government agencies had been carefully and quietly watching the country’s cattle for several years. One of the things I found was a fifty-page-long file dated from March 1947 through to the latter part of 1948. It makes for disturbing reading. Indeed, throughout that entire period, biological warfare was seen as a major threat to the United States. Moreover, the fear that a hostile nation might attempt to ravage the American food-supply by deliberately infecting its cattle herd with (among others) Foot-and-Mouth disease was running high in official circles. One particular extract from the documents states: “Biological warfare lends itself especially well to undercover operations, particularly because of the difficulty in detecting such operations and because of the versatility possible by the proper selection of biological warfare agents.”

The Board stated: “Within the last few years there have been several outbreaks of exotic diseases and insect pests which are believed to have been introduced accidentally but which could have been introduced intentionally had someone wished to do so. The use of epizootic agents against our animal population by sabotage methods is a very real and immediate danger. Foot-and-Mouth disease and rinderpest are among those which would spread rapidly, and unless effective counter-measures were immediately applied, would seriously affect the food supply of animal origin. Since Foot-and-Mouth is now present in Mexico, it would be relatively easy for saboteurs to introduce the disease into the United States and have this introduction appear as natural spread from Mexico. Since rinderpest and Foot-and-Mouth disease are not present in the United States, our animal population is extremely vulnerable to these diseases.”


The government didn’t stop there: “The United States is particularly vulnerable to this type of attack. It is believed generally that espionage agents of foreign countries which are potential enemies of the United States are present already in this country. There appears to be no great barrier to prevent additional espionage agents from becoming established here and there is no control over the movements of people within the United States. North America is an isolated land mass and hence specific areas therein present feasible biological warfare targets for an extra-continental enemy since fear of backfiring is minimized. The food supply of the nation could be depleted to an extent which materially would reduce the nation’s capacity to defend itself and to wage war. Serious outbreaks of disease of man, animals or plants also would result in profound psychological disturbances.”

The Board outlined various ways how enemy agents might attack the U.S. cattle herd. The potential means of attack were: “water contamination,” “fodder and food,” “infected bait,” “contamination of soil,” “Biological Warfare aerosols,” and deliberate “contamination of veterinary pharmaceuticals and equipment.” There was this, too: “It is concluded that: (1) biological agents would appear to be well adapted to subversive use. (2) The United States is particularly susceptible to attack by special BW operations. (3) The subversive use of biological agents by a potential enemy prior to a declaration of war presents a grave danger to the United States. (4) The biological warfare research and development program is not now authorized to meet the requirements necessary to prepare defensive measures against special BW operations.”

And, in light of all this, the government felt that the best response was to keep a careful, quiet and clandestine watch of the country’s cattle. So, where does this leave us when it comes to the cattle mutilations? Here’s my view on it all: we know now that two decades before cattle mutilations were occurring, government agencies were already watching the herd. And just about everywhere within the borders of the United States. Foot-and-mouth had the government worried in the 1940s. Something else got them concerned twenty years later. I suspect it was something in the food-chain. Something disturbing. In part 2 of this article I’ll share with you yet another example of how government agencies have spent a lot of time quietly studying America’s cattle.  Mysterious Universe

Secret Surveillance of the U.S. Cattle Herd, Part 2

Nick Redfern December 10, 2020

Part 1 of this article revolved around the issue of enemy agents – in the 1940s – trying to find ways to destroy the U.S. cattle herd. Most of the focus at the time was on Foot-and-Mouth disease. Today, in the second part of this strange story, I’m going to share with you more data and material that shows agencies have, for a long time, watched America’s cattle. And for very good reasons, too. The FBI’s declassified records from 1945 onward on this subject reveal that the issue of cattle potentially being affected by bacteriological warfare was a major one. A memo sent to the then-Director of the FBI, J. Edgar Hoover, dated July 6, 1945, states: “You may be interested in the following information which was reported by the SAC [Special-Agent-in-Charge] of the Norfolk Field Division following a Weekly Intelligence Conference on June 28, 1945” The document refers to the work of a man [whose identity is concealed to this day within the pages of the declassified documents] employed by the then-Army Air Force at Langley Field, Virginia, and who had “been assigned to handling investigations concerning the landing of Japanese balloons in the states of North and South Dakota and Nebraska.”

In a summary report, the SAC at Norfolk informed Hoover: “I was interested to learn that recently several Japanese balloons were found in that territory which were determined to have been carrying bacteria. The bacteria consisting of anthrax, are placed in the hydrogen. I was told that such bacteria mainly affects cattle. When the bacteria lands on wheat or other types or farm land where food is being raised for the cattle, the bacteria remain in the food when it is eaten by the cattle, and upon human consumption of the milk or meat, the bacteria can be passed on.” Particularly notable is a July 11, 1949 document that refers to the FBI’s desire to acquire “world-wide information on animal diseases and animal population.”

Variant virusAnd, one year later, the FBI was still collecting such data. On October 19, 1950, the FBI prepared a document titled Abnormal Loss of Hogs in Nebraska and Illinois. It dealt with an unusually high number of hog deaths in the aforementioned states – as a result of cholera. The files, however, make it clear that, in official, FBI quarters, the nature of the animals’ deaths had been viewed with deep suspicion. It was concluded that the deaths were due to a “variant virus” or “atypical virus” that stemmed from “local conditions and the physical conditions of the hogs.”” The important factor, however, is that this document was found within a file specifically focused upon bacteriological warfare. In other words, the FBI was still looking closely at any and all animal deaths that might not have wholly conventional explanations. Of great significance is the fact that one of the cases that the FBI examined – and that is described in a heavily-redacted memo of May 29, 1950 – dealt with the discovery of plague-infected rats at the highly sensitive Sandia Base, New Mexico, and which was viewed in some quarters as being the result of nothing less than a deliberate attempt to clandestinely introduce a widespread plague on Sandia by hostile, unknown sources. Significantly, the Sandia Base was, from 1946 to 1971, the primary nuclear weapons installation of the Department of Defense.

PigsMoreover, a document prepared by the FBI’s Special-Agent-in-Charge at its Albuquerque, New Mexico office on June 22, 1950, titled Bacteriological Warfare – Espionage-Sabotage (Bubonic Plague), refers to rumors then flying around that an outbreak of bubonic plague in New Mexico’s rat population may have been the result of deliberate, bacteriological warfare-related activities by – once again – hostile, unknown forces. The FBI noted with respect to its interview with a plague expert, who is identified only as a “Miss Greenfield”: “[She] is acquainted with the presence of the plague among wild rodents in New Mexico and in the United States for several years. It has now reached an area from the West Coast to a line running north and south at approximately the border of New Mexico.” The FBI continued: “From August 1949 there were four cases among humans in New Mexico. Briefly, these four cases, one of which was fatal, were reported in New Mexico. Each case indicated that the victim had shortly before the illness, handled wild rodents which he had killed. The one case in New Mexico which was fatal was not diagnosed as the plague until after death.” Notably, the FBI subsequently received from the Public Health Service two charts displaying the outbreaks of plague in both New Mexico and the continental United States during that period. And as the FBI noted with respect to the Public Health Service: “…they have found positive evidence of the plague among wild rodents in the states lying west of a line directly north of the east boundary of the state of New Mexico.”

Makati City Pabakuna

More than a few people in government were strongly of the opinion – during the 1950s – that much of this worrying activity was not just down to nature, but was the work of overseas, enemy agents. Since the government had kept a watch on the cattle herd in the 1940s and the 1950s, it would surely have made sense for them to have kept up the surveillance into the 1960s, 1970s, 1980s and…well, you get the picture. In view of all the above, the likelihood is that, to some degree, the surveillance still continues. And to some degree, it surely ties in with cattle mutilations, too. Mysterious Universe

Another Ghostly Sighting of the Crew From the Ill-Fated Flight 401

Jocelyne LeBlanc December 3, 2020

Over the years, there have been several reports from passengers flying over Florida that they have encountered the ghostly crew from Eastern Air Lines Flight 401 that tragically crashed, killing many people who were on board. And recently, one passenger has come forward explaining their paranormal encounter.

But first, let’s talk about what happened to Flight 401. On December 29, 1972, Eastern Air Lines Flight 401 took off from New York on its way to Miami. Tragically, with the Lockheed L-1011’s auto-pilot being accidentally disconnected in addition to a malfunctioning landing gear indicator light, the aircraft crashed into the Florida Everglades. Both pilots, the flight engineer, 2 of the 10 flight attendants, and 96 of the 163 passengers all died. The majority of those who passed away were seated in the middle section of the plane. There were 75 people who survived the crash.

Apparently, some of the equipment that was salvaged from the wreckage had been used in other L-1011 planes with Eastern Air Lines which has many people believing that the ghosts of those who passed away are still connected to that equipment.

AirplaneAs for the latest ghostly encounter, an individual who was on a red-eye flight from Chicago to Miami last year was supposedly visited by the crew from Flight 401 and the apparitions appeared when the aircraft was over the Florida Everglades.

This individual was sitting in a window seat with nobody else in the next seat or in front of this person. At around 5:00am, this person closed their eyes and after feeling as if someone was near, this individual opened their eyes to find someone sitting in the aisle seat. This person greeted the male (in his late 40s or early 50s) who was wearing a pilot’s uniform and a captain’s hat that read Eastern Air Lines.

After nodding his head as a greeting, the pilot leaned over to look out of the plane’s window and that’s when his nametag became visible which read “Robert Loft”. The individual looked outside to see what the pilot was looking at and after turning to look back at the next seat over, Robert Loft had disappeared.

PilotA pilot named Robert Loft was one of the apparitions.

At that point, this person noticed that the older lady who was sitting across the aisle wasn’t there anymore and that another crew member was sitting in her seat (also wearing an Eastern Air Lines hat). When the individual walked across the aisle to get a better look at this man, the apparition said, “Hi, I’m Don. Are you looking for something?” By the time the person walked away, Don had also disappeared and the older woman was visible in her seat again.

As it turned out, Robert Loft was in fact the name of the pilot and Don Repo was the flight engineer who both passed away in the crash. And the paranormal encounter occurred over the Florida Everglades where the accident took place. Coincidence?  Mysterious Universe