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Secretary Tulfo inspects DSWD residential centers

DSWD  Inspections
Secretary Erwin T. Tulfo checks the facilities and the situation of the residents inside the Jose Fabella Center and Golden Reception and Action Center for the Elderly and Other Special Cases.

Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD) Secretary Erwin T. Tulfo conducted surprise inspection at the Jose Fabella Center (JFC) in Mandaluyong City and at the Golden Reception and Action Center for the Elderly and other Special Cases (GRACES) in Quezon City on Friday, July 15.

While checking the facilities, wards, and clinics inside the JFC, Secretary Tulfo instructed the officials of the center to move the able-bodied families and children to a different ward and separate them from the female clients with mental health conditions to ensure the safety of everyone.

The Secretary also instructed to immediately complete the repair of the roof and wall of the comfort room; improve the stockroom; regularly change the beddings and linens; and accommodate more clients in the center.

He also vowed to help the foreign individuals admitted to the center to return to their respective countries.

To date, there are 176 vagrants, mendicants/beggars, and strandees admitted to the JFC.

From JFC, the Secretary headed to the GRACES to check the facilities and the condition of the 136 abandoned, lost, and neglected older persons admitted to the center.

The inspection is part of the efforts of the DSWD, under the stewardship of Secretary Tulfo, to review, improve, and create more programs and services for the poor, marginalized and vulnerable sectors as well as to ensure that residents in the DSWD centers are well taken care of.

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