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Seeing Your Double: The Doppelganger Phenomenon

Nick Redfern February 27, 2021

Doppelgangers: we’re talking about exact doubles of ourselves. The Britannica website says of the Doppelganger, that it is “… in German folklore, a wraith or apparition of a living person, as distinguished from a ghost. The concept of the existence of a spirit double, an exact but usually invisible replica of every man, bird, or beast, is an ancient and widespread belief. To meet one’s double is a sign that one’s death is imminent. The doppelgänger became a popular symbol of horror literature, and the theme took on considerable complexity. In The Double (1846), by Fyodor Dostoyevsky, for example, a poor clerk, Golyadkin, driven to madness by poverty and unrequited love, beholds his own wraith, who succeeds in everything at which Golyadkin has failed. Finally the wraith succeeds in disposing of his original.

The BBC have addressed this issue, too: “Folk wisdom has it that everyone has a doppelganger; somewhere out there there’s a perfect duplicate of you, with your mother’s eyes, your father’s nose and that annoying mole you’ve always meant to have removed. The notion has gripped the popular imagination for millennia – it was the subject of one of the oldest known works of literature – inspiring the work of poets and scaring queens to death. But is there any truth in it? We live on a planet of over seven billion people, so surely someone else is bound to have been born with your face?” They’re good questions; ones we should not ignore.

Ancient Origins provide the following: “The mythology of spirit doubles can be traced back thousands of years and was present in many cultures of the past, holding a prominent place in ancient legends, stories, artworks, and in books by various authors. Perhaps the most well-known reference to spirit doubles or ‘alter egos’ is the doppelgänger, a word still used today to refer to a person that is physically or behaviorally similar to another person. Doppelgänger is a German word many “double goer” and refers to a wraith or apparition that casts no shadows and is a replica or double of a living person. They were generally considered omens of bad luck or even signs of impending death – a doppelgänger seen by a person’s relative or friend was said to signify that illness or danger would befall that person, while seeing one’s own doppelgänger was said to be an omen of death.

WorldConsider these words, too, from Atlas Obscura: “Doppelgänger encounters continued in the U.S., with several cases following a pattern of three sightings preceding death. Soon after his election in 1860, Abraham Lincoln saw his reflection doubled in the mirror, with one face beside the other with a ghostly pallor. He tied to show his wife the apparition, which appeared two more times when she was not present. While Mary Todd was at first worried about this behavior, she took the vision as a sign that he would serve two terms, but would die before the end of the second. Lincoln is far from the only American to meet their double in the 1800s. The antebellum South was home to numerous accounts of fateful sightings, each under similar circumstances. Linda Derry, site director at the Old Cahawba ghost town in Alabama, is a curator of folklore originating from that region. She has uncovered several cases with similar circumstances as Lincoln’s sightings.

ANDAnd, how about this from Paranormal Guide? It states: “Although the combining of the words to form the term is relatively recent, a little over two centuries old, the idea of a spiritual, ghostly or demonic double (will just use the term ‘ghostly’ from here) of living people have existed for millennia. These doubles may at times be seen by others as performing a person’s actions before the real person makes them, or they may be a shadow, performing the same movements, but after they have happened. They may also be seen in ones’ reflection; however the reflection is facing away. Much of the time a doppelganger is viewed as an omen for a tragedy, illness or death of the person who is copied. If someone sees their own ghostly double it generally bodes very badly for them, and a number of quite famous people have had the ghastly experience.

Now, let’s get to the issue of time-travel and Doppelgangers. Outer Places state: “Traveling to the past at the risk of destroying oneself is a common staple of science fiction, not to mention the central concern behind the Grandfather Paradox. In real life, we still have no idea if time travel is really possible, but a physicist determined in a recent study that if it were possible to travel to the past, it would likely involve the creation of a pair of ghostly twins that ultimately annihilate each other [italics mine].

It’s this issue of twins being created as a result of traveling through time that may have a significant bearing upon the matter of Doppelgangers. In other words, maneuvering through time just might result in the manifestation of countless versions of ourselves, every time a new time-line is created. And, if one of those time-travelers just happens to intrude upon our time-line, then – hey, presto – there’s another incarnation of you, of me, and of who knows how many other people?”

Mysterious Universe (MU)

Real Reported Incidents of Fae, Elves & Leprechauns

Posted: 01 Mar 2021 10:11 AM PS

BREIF4 brief accounts of possible Fae, Elves, Leprechauns, etc. observed or encountered by chance by ordinary people.

A few ‘little people’ accounts I recently came across:

I’ve seen something I can only assume was a fairy, elf, or the like. We (friend, mum, me) were house sitting this beautiful condo in the forest. This forest was no doubt magical in some way, it just had an energy to it.

We were having breakfast one morning and I suddenly see a small person, size of a 6y/o child, run through the field next to the house. It disappeared behind a tree that was too thin for it to hide behind. My friend and my mum were sitting opposite of me so they didn’t catch it. I tell my mum that I saw something, and she says “I think I saw it too a few days ago“. My friend suggests we both move to a different room and draw what we had seen to compare. Mind you, so far we only know that we both saw something run across the field, not what it looked like.

My mum and I both drew the exact same creature. A small human with adult proportions, so not a child. It was dressed in all white clothes that looked like pajamas. My encounter had looked my way and smiled/laughed, my mum’s had its face turned away. It was wearing a long nightcap that trailed behind it. It was faster than a human that size could reasonably be.

We called the owner of the house and say we saw a “spirit” in the field. She says “oh, the fairy in white huh? Yeah, it’s attached to that tree out front, the thin one. That’s the wedding tree my husband and I planted when we got married.

It had no bad vibes. I think it might’ve been the protector of the tree. We haven’t seen it since.” S


When I was really little I went to Cornwall, England with my family, I remember going for a walk in a forest and seeing little people with wings and other little people the size of an apple. I watched a kids TV show called ‘In the Night Garden’ and I thought it was the people from that TV show (as I was a kid and was trying to figure out what they where ). It wasn’t my imagination because as a kid I never really imagined things like most kids. I did see a lot of the paranormal when I was a kid though. From the forest in Cornwall, (in my best recalled memory) I can remember some kind of hues of light as well around these small people and the feeling of being really energetic and fun. It’s a pretty hazy memory of mine but I remember it.” DF


Old girlfriend and I saw faeries while on a walk on a nature trail quite a few years ago. Not a normal cryptid sighting, and yes I’m very serious. No, they weren’t fireflies, we weren’t high, and it wasn’t a passing glimpse. There were faeries, a whole swarm of them, idly floating about in a bush on the side of the path. We watched them for almost ten minutes, sort of knowing without discussing it that we shouldn’t make any noise, interrupt or interact, or try to retrieve our other friends back up the path. We stood there in the moment, until we realized there was nothing else for it, and left them be to walk back to our group.” WB


Weird story. My dad claimed to have seen a “leprechaun” once, or at least that’s the best way to describe it.

Apparently he was driving late at night back home (rural England) and a taxi cab happened to be going in the same direction a few car lengths ahead. These roads are notoriously windy and have high inclines and down lines. Very dangerous and if your not used to them you could crash. As the cab went past one of the many bushes on the side the being hopped out of the sides and onto the back bumper. Luckily his turn came up and he managed to avoid whatever the hell that was.” Y

Phantoms & Monsters

Crop Circles: “Missing Time” Experiences Within

Nick Redfern February 28, 2021

Today’s article is focused on two things that most people probably wouldn’t think have a connection to each other: (a) Crop Circles; and (b) “missing time” (similar to the type that occurs in the “alien abduction” phenomenon). Very early on in his Crop Circle research, Matthew Williams (both a creator and a researcher of Crop Circles) came to realize something deeply strange and highly intriguing. Namely, that many people who make the formations experiencing unusual phenomena in the fields – and on numerous occasions in the formations of their very own making. For example, Matt has experienced (as have a number of other, well-known Circle-makers, more than a few of who are reluctant to speak on the record) a wealth of weird phenomena in Crop Circles that he himself created. That included seeing small, aerial balls of light zipping around, detecting unexplained animal-like presences, and even experiencing significant periods of missing time. Matt explained to me what he believes lies at the heart of all this. It involves, he concludes, a belief system suggesting that crop circles are somewhat akin to 21st Century versions of Stonehenge or the Avebury Stones. They are rather like modern-day – but highly alternative – temples that, via ritual magic, can be instilled with extraordinary properties that, in turn, lead to the sometimes unusual effects experienced within such formations.This brings me to a fascinating story of missing time in a Crop Circle.

THISThis incident I’m about to share with you occurred in 1989 and involved a man named Paul Farrant and a Woman in Black. Paul is someone who I met in the U.K. back in the summer of 1997. At the time, Paul spent ten days checking out the Crop Circles that had appeared during that summer in the county of Wiltshire, England – which is where most of the formations are made on a yearly basis. I was there for two weeks, with Irene Bott of the Staffordshire UFO Group, and gave a few lectures in the area at the same time, which is how I got to know Paul. He had a story to tell that involved missing time, but not at all of the type associated with alien abductions. Paul told me that he had been walking around one of the formations just as the sun was starting to rise when a woman appeared – seemingly out of nowhere. She was dressed in a long black cape that had a black hood. Paul said her skin was extremely pale and her face was very thin. She engaged him in what seemed to be a very short conversation about time travel and then, oddly, warning him not to dig too deep into the subject. So, why did she bring up the matter in the first place? I have no idea. Neither did Paul.

THEThe Woman in Black then turned away and exited the huge and intricate formation. For reasons that he was unable to understand, Paul felt both nauseous and frightened. Here’s the strangest part of the story: Paul found himself quite confused, due to the fact that although it seemed to have been a brief encounter, when he checked he realized there was far more to it. According to his watch, close to three-quarters-of-an-hour were missing from Paul’s memory. And, although the woman had something to say to Paul of a warning nature, he couldn’t remember exactly what he said in response to her. It puzzled, and worried, him for weeks. One final thing: not only had Paul lost around forty-five minutes of his life, but his watch had gone forward three hours. There’s no doubt this is a very strange story, but it demonstrates that when one is in Crop Circles, time-based anomalies are not unknown. Paul’s case is a perfect, but mystifying, example.