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Selecta Fortified Milk is PH’s #1 fortified RTD milk

SELECTA Fortified Milk is the #1 in the fortified ready-to-drink (RTD) milk category in a milestone that comes as RFM Corporation marks 62 years of providing affordable and accessible food and beverage products for the Filipino family.

We, in RFM, truly saw the potential of providing the Filipino people affordable yet quality products through milk. We realized early on that milk will be the great equalizer in providing accessible nutrition to Filipino families,” said Joey Concepcion, President and CEO of RFM.

Selecta Fortified Milk was born out of a desire to provide consumers with a convenient, safe, and affordable option at a time when expensive and powdered milk products dominated the market.

In 2003, RFM introduced Selecta Fortified Milk Drink, a homegrown and affordable RTD product that is rich in vitamins and nutrients essential in a child’s development.

Makati City Pabakuna

Under Concepcion’s leadership, Selecta Fortified Milk Drink pulled ahead of local and foreign competitors to cement its #1 position. Today, it is a well-loved household staple that is never amiss in the Filipino breakfast table.

As we celebrate 62 years, RFM continues to innovate and provide consumers with value for their money. Everything we do is part of our mission to position ourselves as a truly diversified food and beverage company that caters to the Filipino taste,” said Concepcion.

In Q3 2020, RFM’s milk segment proved resilient against the pandemic-induced downturn. Concepcion continues to expect sustained demand for milk and pasta products as the stay-at-home order means more Filipinos are cooking more at home.