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Senior citizens in Manila advised on the proper use of their OSCA IDs

Honey Lacuna and Elinor Jacinto
Mayor Honey Lacuna and OSCA chief Elinor Jacinto advise senior citizens on the proper use of their senior citizen IDs. (JERRY S. TAN)

MAYOR Honey Lacuna is advising senior citizens in Manila toto refrain from reproducing their senior IDs and then having them laminated, saying this is illegal and to surrender their city government-issued identification cards or IDs if they are transferring to other cities, saying the law prohibits them from using two senior IDs coming from different cities.

Lacuna made the call after Office of Senior Citizens’ Affairs (OSCA) head Elinor Jacinto for senior citizens reported that based on information reaching her office, some senior citizens take it upon themselves to xerox their senior citizen IDs and then have them laminated.

“This is illegal reproduction,” said Jacinto, adding that once they encounter these kinds of IDs, they will automatically be confiscated.

Meanwhile, Lacuna explained that senior citizens are supposed to surrender their senior ID to the local government should they transfer residence as they are not allowed to retain two IDs from different local governments.

When they do so, the city government will issue to them, free of charge, a notarized cancellation which they can present to the local government of the city where they are transferring, so they can apply for a new OSCA ID.

Jacinto, for her part, stressed there is no reason for the elderly to choose living in other cities because it is only in Manila where senior citizens enjoy benefits such as monthly cash allowance, free birthday cake and perks like free entry to moviehouses and the Manila Zoo and P100,000 cash benefit for centerians, among others.

Also during the weekly ‘Kalinga sa Maynila’, the mayor directs the setting up of help desks that assist senior citizens with their needs such as free basic medicines, processing of senior IDs and affidavits for lost IDs so they can get new ones and provision of purchase booklets, apart from free checkup.

The ‘Kalinga’ is a fora regularly held by the mayor in the barangays, wherein the heads of departments, bureaus and offices that are most sought after in City Hall are present to directly address queries, complaints and requests for various kinds of assistance.

Lacuna herself conceptualized the said program for the purpose of bringing straight to the communities the services being offered by the city government , saving precious time, effort and money on the part of the residents who no longer need to travel all the way to City Hall to seek the services they need.

Itchie G. Cabayan
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