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Getting settled won’t stop Ritz

RITZ Azul is happy to be part of Raffy Tulfo’s new show on TV5, “Wanted: Ang Serye”, which presents dramatized versions of the true stories of people who ask for his help to solve their personal problems in his ‘Wanted sa Radyo”. In Ritz’ episode, she plays a lesbian named Joanna. Is this the first time she played a tomboy role?

“No, I’ve played such roles before, pero naiiba ang isang ito kasi si Joanna will have a relationship with a male transgender, si Epy Quizon as Exur,” she says. “When they first told me about the story, sabi ko, totoo bang nangyari ito? Na may isang bakla at isang tomboy na nagkarelasyon. Then they showed us the videos on Youtube of the parties concerned when they appeared in ‘Wanted sa Radyo’, so we got to confirm na totoo nga.”

So she didn’t have any second thoughts playing her lesbian role? “None at all. Sabi ko nga, exciting gawin ito kasi naiiba talaga ‘yung story. And it’s fun working with Epy Quizon kasi ang galing-galing niyang mag-play ng role ng isang bading. Our episode was directed by Jeffrey Jeturian, na napakagaling din, so we guarantee you that you will enjoy watching our episode when it’s shown this Saturday, 9 to 10 PM on TV5.”

It’s common knowledge she’s now officially engaged to her non-showbiz boyfriend named Allan Guwi. Won’t he stop her from acting after they’ve settled down?

“My fiance won’t stop me sa career ko as he’s very supportive nga, e. When he met me, ito na ang ginagawa ko. Alam naman niya that I love what I’m doing and passion ko talaga ang pag-arte, so I am sure hindi niya ako pipigilan sa career ko.”

She seems so busy these days, doing one movie after another and also appearing regularly on TV. “I am really just thankful na kahit may pandemic, sunud-sunod ang projects ko, pati sa movies. I’m glad to be part of ‘Wanted Ang Serye’ kasi my grandparents and I really watch sa youtube ang ibang stories na pinapalabas dito. And now na ginawa itong serye, I’m lucky to be a part of it.”

What did she learn during the lockdown? “ The pandemic taught me how to slow down. Before, ambilis ng takbo ng buhay, e. But I’ve na realized hindi mo naman hawak lahat ng bagay, so don’t stress yourself, just continuing do your best.”

GMA Voltes 5 live version judged ahead of airing

GMA Network has released two teaser trailers of their much awaited live action adaptation of the hit Japanese anime series, “Voltes V: Legacy”, and it got generally good feedback from viewers. It features spectacular computer graphics showing the Voltes V headquarters, Camp Big Falcon, where the crew and their vehicles were seen launching from the base on a mission to save the Earth from the Boazanian empire’s invasion.

The group’s leader Steve Armstrong was also shown leading his members and piloting the Volt Cruiser while shouting the show’s popular catchphrase “Let’s Volt In!” The trailer has since gained over 720,000 views on YouTube, 1.7M views on Facebook, and 800,000 views on Twitter since its release last week.

But of course, you cannot please everybody and some netizens chose to be wet blankets. Someone wrote that the GMA adaptation will just destroy the great image left by the anime. Someone even added that “it is going to be fucked up coz it’s gonna be soap operaish (coz there might be less robot fights and they will slap a lot of dramas and love angles on to it like Zaido.” One said that GMA will even give the robots a “kabit”.

Suzette Doctolero, the feisty headwriter of the show, retorted: “Lo and behold! I found the new Madam Auring na!” She told viewers to watch “Voltes V Legacy” first, before they dare pass any judgment on the live-action remake.

She wrote: “Para ‘di magmukhang memang tukmol, wait first for the show to air at saka i-judge pag fucked up o hindi. For now: shhh muna.” She also added that she will never give a robot a kabit. “And pls stop telling me na sana walang kabit. Bakit ko bibigyan ng kabit ang robot??? Lolz. FYI, Ang lahat po ng scripts, karakter na idinagdag, mundo at kulturang pinalawig, kasama@ang Boazanian language ay inaprubahan po ng Japan. Okey? 🙂 see ya soon.”

But there are netizens who also registered their approval for GMA’s trendsetting live action show. One wrote that the trailer on youtube is: “World Class! I trust that Director Mark Reyes will pull this off because he did an amazing job with ‘Encantadia’. This will be setting the next level of visual effects in the Philippines! Fantastic job, Kapuso!”

Direk Mark shares that he and the rest of the team are beyond grateful for all the positive feedback following the recent release of the new trailer. “It’s very heart-warming that most viewers are accepting of the hard work we have put in it. They have also noticed the upgrades we have made on the designs from the first teaser trailer. We are very thankful.”

The esteemed director also reveals the reason behind the materialization of this project, “It has been a 7-year journey for me to make Voltes V a reality. This is a passion project from someone who is a true fan. Someone who grew up believing in the overall theme of Voltes V which is family, love, and fighting for good. And without GMA, this would still remain a pipe dream.”

December of last year, Direk Mark has also teased the fans with anonymous photos of artists who are set to portray the characters of Steve, Big Bert, Mark, and Jamie during their costume fitting. The official date of the launch and the final cast members of ‘Voltes V: Legacy’ are yet to be announced.