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Shamcey’s Miss U now being talked about

Shamcey Supsup-Lee
Shamcey Supsup-Lee

WE wonder what Mrs. Stella Marquez-Araneta, former Miss Universe franchise holder for Bb. Pilipinas Charities, feels now that the first Miss Universe Philippines, handled by her former pageant winner Shamcey Supsup-Lee, is facing a lot of controversies?

This after Miss Taguig Sandra Lemonon turned out to be a sore loser and threatened to expose anomalies in the recent pageant held in Baguio. She wrote that “Karma is real and we deserve justice”. She even had a message to the winner Miss Iloilo Rabiya Mateo: “REAL QUEENS play fair, DON’T CHEAT.”

Even the host of the pageant, KC Montero, was not spared and he is being bashed by some viewers for allegedly being “bastos” or rude to Miss Bohol when he was interviewing her. He was called an “insensitive host”, “an awkward host” and “a big liar”, although Miss Bohol herself already defended him.

Shamcey as national director and the Miss U board of directors came out with a statement about the controversy: “As of this time, we are standing by Rabiya Mateo as the first winner of Miss Universe Philippines. We are also grateful to our sponsors, stakehol­ders and supporters who sustained us throughout the holding of the first edition of Miss U PH franchise, amid the limitations of the pandemic.”

Miss Iloilo, who’s accused of being informed beforehand what the question for her is in the Q&A portion, declared in a TV interview: “They’re questioning my capability as a person, as a candidate… But I know that I did everything and anything that I could during that night, and ibinigay ko talaga. And ‘yung mga nagsasabi na the question was given to me that’s why I answered that way, it wasn’t given po sa akin. I did everything that I could because I want to make Iloilo City proud.”

Rabiya’s detractors now also say she is a “retokada”. They posted her old high school pictures to show how different she looks, then and now. They also say that she brought her own glam team and make up artist to the pageant when this is not supposed to be allowed. So far, she has not answered these accusations.

As for Miss Taguig, it looks like she’s just a bag of wind who’s full of threats but actually empty inside. She said she will tell the truth “tomorrow” but her tomorrow never came and she’s silent up to now. In a way, Shamcey maybe should also be thankful as her very first edition of the pageant is really being talked about. Now, people are truly aware that it’s no longer being handled by Bb. Pilipinas and she is the new franchise holder.

The only catch is we’re not even sure if there would really be a Miss Universe pageant this year. 2020 is now about to end but still now word at all from the organizers abroad as to when and where it would be held. Rabiyah might turn out to be a winner with no Miss Universe pageant to join.

Kris, Teddy Boy defend Angel

ANGEL Locsin has no coming soap or movie and yet she is always on the spotlight. She’s now up against Lt. Gen. Antonio Parlade who red-tagged her sister, Ella Colmenares, as a member of the NPA. If the aim of Parlade is for him to be famous (or notorious), well, he surely knows how to achieve it as he’s now known as the military officer who are red-tagging celebrities like Liza Soberano and Catriona Gray.

He even warned Liza in social media that she might end up getting killed like other activists for supporting the women’s group Gabriela who he accused of having a hidden violent agenda.

He alleged that Ella, Angel’s sister, was deployed as an NPA member in Polilio Island for 18 months in 2015. He wrote: “She was part of the NPA band which attacked Polilio Municipal Police Station. Our Marines in the area knew this. All those times when she was underground, she was supported by Angel.”

To disprove his allegations, Angel posted the transcript of records of her sister from the Philippine Christian University where she was studying at that time. Angel wrote:

“As much as possible, we want to address this issue through proper channels and not in social media. It is not my responsibility to provide evidence. But since this gentleman has been non-stop in targeting me and my family, we are releasing this transcript of record of my sister Ella in PCU — on the year that he claimed that he has ‘witnesses’ that my sister ‘was part of an attack in Polilio.

“The rest of his claims is utterly wrong. Kailan naging korte ang Facebook at presscon? And when did supporting youth and women’s causes become a crime? I am against red tagging so I’m not going to red-tag Gabriela or Kabataan. No, that’s not my job.

“Proving these allegations is his job in proper courts. Do your jobs, I don’t care. Just don’t put civilians in the middle of a communist hunt and endanger them. You can’t protect us 24/7. He is clearly targeting the wrong person. I don’t understand why he keeps mentioning my name in his interviews and statements. I’m fearing for my family’s safety and mine.”

Kris Aquino sided with Angel and wrote in her own social media account: “Gel, just like I messaged you—HANGA ako sa katatagan at paninindigan mo. Reminds me of some lyrics of my dad’s favorite song, ‘Impossible Dream’: To fight for the right / Without question or pause.”

Foreign Affairs Secretary Teddy Boy Locsin Jr. also defended Angel, writing in his own account: “Angel Locsin has done more with her life for others than anyone I know of in her situation. Anyone who messes up with her will get it.”

Publication Source :    People's Journal
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