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Sharks Announces New Commissioner and Game Format

SBA New Commissioner and Game Format
SBA’s first Commissioner, Chino Trinidad, and CEO Hadley Mariano during the SBA Launch on May 6, 2024 at the Great White Sharks Arena, Quezon City

Sharks Billiards Association (SBA), the world’s first professional billiard league, shakes up the billiard scene by elevating the sport as a global mainstream phenomenon.

SBA made its pronouncement during its event held at the Great White Sharks Arena on May 6, 2024.

“The SBA Season 1 is underway. SBA will have four teams with five players for each team all playing in a new and exciting format. Very soon, we will announce the team names and its owners,” said Hadley Mariano, SBA’s Founder and Chief Executive Officer during his opening speech.

Through team play, players from each team can now vie for points that can add up to their team’s total winnings—a bold change for a sport that is commonly played individually or player vs player. Four teams composed of five players each are expected to compete and fight for the first-ever championship.

Formerly known as Sharks Billiard League, SBA, began as an amateur league for local players holding various open tournaments and exhibition games between local and international pool players. Now, SBA is committed to professionalizing billiards, allowing its players the opportunity to steadily earn income through their pool talent and skills, which was once unheard of in the pool community.

To further usher in its next chapter, Sharks also welcomed the appointment of its new and first Commissioner, veteran sports journalist Chino Trinidad.

“As the first Commissioner of the SBA, I am deeply grateful for the trust and confidence placed in me to lead this esteemed organization. I am incredibly excited about the journey that lies ahead and rest assured that we will work to expand the reach of billiards, to cultivate new talent, and forge meaningful partnerships that will propel our sport to new heights,” said Trinidad during his opening speech.

Atty. Richard S. Clarin, Chairman of the Philippine Government’s Games and Amusements Board (GAB) also expressed his support for SBA’s significant efforts towards revitalizing the local pool scene.

“SBA will be instrumental in revolutionizing the landscape of billiards, not only in our country but also on an international scale,” said Chairman Clarin in a statement. “By fostering partnerships, promoting collaboration, and driving innovation, SBA is helping to create a vibrant and sustainable ecosystem for billiards, ensuring its continued growth and success for years to come.”

SBA will be revealing its teams’ players and other developments in the coming days. For updates, stay tuned to SBA’s official website (http://sharksbilliardleague.com) and Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/sharksbilliardleague/).

About Sharks Billiards Association (SBA)

Sharks Billiard Association (SBA), formerly Sharks Billiards League (SBL), is the world’s pioneering professional billiard league dedicated to redefining the landscape of the beloved sport. At SBA, it is our objective to be the sport’s premier global platform anchored by the vision to elevate billiards as a global mainstream phenomenon.

With the decline faced by the billiard industry on the global stage, SBA emerges as a trailblazing solution, aiming to usher in a new era of professionalism by establishing a structured sports league. SBA will not only offer skilled pool players a stable income and a defined career trajectory but also promise fans world-class competition that celebrates the true essence of the game.

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