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Errands and More: 4 Things You Should Be Doing Online

The internet has undeniably changed people’s lives around the world forever. There have been some unintended negative effects, such as privacy risks and cyberbullying. For the most part, however, the internet has brought about plenty of positive changes.

Take communications, for example. Email, messaging apps, and social networks have made it easier to stay in touch with our friends and loved ones no matter where they are. There are also hundreds of entertainment options, from streaming sites to music players.

Through the years, the internet has also made it possible for other tasks to be performed online. Below is a list of more things you can do online that can do wonders for your productivity and more:

Managing Your Finances

Arguably one of the most useful applications of the internet in the modern world is online banking. Before, you had to visit an actual bank or at least an ATM to be able to deposit money, transfer funds, and pay bills. Now, all you need is your computer or your smartphone to do all of these tasks within minutes and in the comfort of your home.

You can also use the internet to plan your budget and track your expenses the easy way. There are apps that you can download expressly for this purpose, but you can also use something as simple as a spreadsheet. Doing these tasks online means you can keep things updated in real-time. It’s extremely useful if you have a partner with whom you’re sharing expenses.

Finally, financial technology has made it possible for you to invest your money through online methods. Not only that, but you can also monitor how these investments are performing on a day-to-day basis. This way, you’ll be able to make the best decisions in making your hard-earned money grow.


Over the last few years, Filipinos have come to love online shopping. What’s even better is that there are more and more products you can buy online nowadays. From “hype” sneakers to your day-to-day hygiene necessities, you can find a website that sells whatever you may want or need.

Of course, you should remember to practice mindfulness when shopping online. It’s a very convenient alternative to traditional shopping, but it can also make you overspend. Don’t buy something just because there’s a sale. Take note of what you need and buy only those products. Treat yourself occasionally, but remember not to go overboard (go back to the previous tip and monitor your finances!).

For grocery shopping, plan your purchases about every two weeks or even every month. This will not only reduce waste but also lower your delivery fees. Finally, patronize small local and eco-friendly brands as much as possible. Supporting SMEs can help stimulate the economy, while eco-friendly options help protect the environment.

Reading Books and News

Bibliophiles would say that nothing compares to the “real thing,” but sometimes buying physical books is not ideal. For example, space can be a big issue. Some books may also not be available locally and international purchases can be a little expensive. Thankfully, there are thousands of e-books that you can find online. Many of them need to be purchased, but there are also plenty of legitimate websites that offer free access to e-books.

Aside from a wide selection of books, the internet has also made it easier to access local and global news stories. What’s even better is that you can read from multiple sources. This means that you can fact-check what you’re reading as you go. As a result, you can form fact-based decisions and opinions.

Learning New Things

As they say, learning doesn’t only happen in classrooms and it certainly shouldn’t stop once you’re out of school. Thanks to the internet, you can now access thousands of online courses from leading educational facilities. There are also online seminars and conferences held by industry experts, thought leaders, and even consumer brands.

The key here is to find courses that would help boost your current career or help you jumpstart a new one. Do you need to learn a new language? Do you need to get certified to use a certain piece of software or acquire a competency? Obviously, you can learn everything you want to learn; nevertheless, it’s wise to have a little strategy so you can apply what you’ve learned.

If you don’t have a lot in the budget department, don’t worry. There are a lot of free courses or those that have minimal registration fees. For those who may not be able to attend classes, there are still plenty of learning materials online such as books (see our previous tip) and videos.

When you consider all of the things you can now do online, it’s easy to say that the internet has made life easier. This doesn’t mean that banks, shopping malls, publishing houses, and schools will disappear completely in the future. In fact, it may not even happen. What the internet does is give you more convenient options—this way, you can do your tasks the way you want.

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