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Showbiz talk shows make a comeback on Kumu streaming app

Bianca Gonzalez, MJ Felipe and Boy Abunda
MJ Felipe, Bianca Gonzalez and Boy Abunda

FYE channel is bringing back the showbiz talk show weekend habit as its popular celebrity news programs “PopCinema” and “The Best Talk” go back to back every Saturday night on kumu app.

Bianca Gonzalez and MJ Felipe will put the spotlight on former “Pinoy Big Brother: Connect” housemates Chico Alicaya, Amanda Zamora, Ralph Malibunas, and Justin Dizon in “PopCinema” on Saturday (March 27) at 7 PM.

Expect amusement and laughter as the hosts play games with the young celebrity guests to break the ice and get to know them better. Aside from engaging guest artists in various activities, “PopCinema” also gives a weekly rundown of trending celebrity happenings and entertainment news during its livestream.

Meanwhile, the King of Talk Boy Abunda is set to chat with the newest P-pop boy group BGYO in the upcoming episode of “The Best Talk” at 9 PM. BGYO members Akira, Gelo, JL, Mikki, and Nate, will sit down in the Kumustahan with Tito Boy segment and answer questions P-pop fans have been waiting to find out about their new favorite group.

“The Best Talk” brings in exciting new segments for kumunizens. Aside from Boy’s in-depth interviews with celebrity guests, the award-winning host will also chat with rising streamers who have brought fresh entertainment on kumu and will likewise deliver insightful commentaries on the most-talked about issues of the week.