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Significant gains in Muntinlupa’s fight against COVID-19

HERE is a bit of good news from Muntinlupa City. As of last week, Muntinlupa City has recorded the lowest COVID-19 prevalence in Metro Manila and the second lowest active cases in the region, a sharp drop from 768 cases in September 1 to 89 cases as of October 19.

Muntinlupa City Health Officer Dra. Teresa Tuliao reported the improvement in COVID-19 cases in the city to Department of Transportation Secretary Arthur Tugade, Mayor Jaime Fresnedi, and members of the local task force in a virtual meeting last October 20.

Tugade, a long time resident of Ayala Alabang, was the Cabinet member designated by the IATF to monitor Muntinlupa’s health system performance, critical care capacity, and stringent compliance to surveillance, isolation, and treatment protocols.

Tugade lauded Muntinlupa’s strategies towards the fight against COVID-19 and vowed to continue to support the city’s COVID-19 response efforts.

Tuliao said the recovery rate has further improved to 94.80%, an all-time high since the start of the pandemic. Also, Muntinlupa City now has the second lowest active cases in NCR following the Municipality of Pateros with over 49 active cases. Tuliao reported no COVID-19-related fatality last week.

The local health officer noted that Muntinlupa earned the lowest prevalence among Metro Manila cities with a rate of 0.16. The city’s prevalence rate or the number of cases over the total population is better than the ‘acceptable rate’ of 1.0.

As of October 19, the doubling time in Muntinlupa City was at 17.94 days. Doubling time refers to the number of days for COVID-19 cases to double in number. The standard rate of transmission should be at 7-30 days to be considered decelerating.

Tuliao said the improvement can be attributed to the city’s holistic approach in curbing COVID-19 which include surveillance-isolation-treatment strategies, intensified targeted mass testing, contact tracing, psycho-social interventions, and massive information drives, among others.

Muntinlupa CHO has conducted at least 18,944 swab tests as of October 19, equivalent to 3.50% of the city’s population. The city surpassed the national target of testing two percent of the population.

Recently, the 144-bed “We Heal As One” quarantine facility opened in Pacwood Site, Barangay Tunasan for COVID-19 positive, suspect cases, and residents who have undergone swabbing tests.

Each isolation room has a comfort room, air-conditioning unit, and supplies. Occupants are provided COVID-19 essentials bag consisting of a hygiene kit, vitamins, medicine, thermometer, bedsheet, pillow blanket, and towels, among others.

Either self-isolation or admission to city isolation facilities is mandatory for anyone who has undergone COVID-19 swab testing in Muntinlupa under City Ordinance 2020-126. Currently, there are six occupants in the facility from Barangay Ayala Alabang and Barangay Putatan.

Meanwhile, the Department of Health – Metro Manila Center for Health Development also lauded Muntinlupa City as it conferred the latter last October 16 with the COVID-19 Response Service Award.

Mayor Jaime Fresnedi welcomed the improvement of COVID-19 situation in the city highlighting the significant decrease of cases being monitored “from by the hundreds down to the tens”.

However, the local exec warns residents not to be complacent with the positive results. He urged the public to continue to strictly follow minimum health protocols and safety measures such as wearing of face masks, observing physical distancing and washing of hands.

As of October 19, Muntinlupa City has 4,559 confirmed cases with 4,322 recoveries, 89 active cases, 148 reported deaths, 144 suspect cases, and 402 probable cases.

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Publication Source :    People's Tonight
Ignacio “Toting” Bunye
Lawyer-Banker, former member of Monetary Board (Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas), former cabinet member, former legislator, former city mayor, former broadcast and print journalist.