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Sinas doing a Lacson on ‘15-85 formula’

NEW Philippine National Police chief, General Debold M. Sinas is doing what his upperclassman from the Philippine Military Academy, the incorruptible former PNP chief-turned Senator Panfilo ‘Ping’ M. Lacson did when he commanded the police force 21 years ago: implement the highly-successful 15-85 deployment formula.

Mamang Pulis“To optimize police services to the communities, police visibility will be strengthened through the 15 percent and 85 percent deployment scheme, wherein 15 percent will be on duty at the headquarters to do administrative functions and 85 percent will be in the field for more focused police operations, crime prevention though patrolling and police visibility,” the 25th PNP chief said.

Gen. Sinas said the 15-85 formula will ensure maximum police presence in the streets with the end in view of reducing street crimes and improving their crime solution efficiency.

Sen. Lacson, a member of PMA Class 1971, adopted the ideal ‘15-85 formula’ in referring to the ratio of police personnel who should stay in their headquarters and those who should be deployed to the field when he became the PNP chief in 1999.

The retired police general-turned veteran lawmaker explained that the ‘15-85 formula’ applies not only to personnel but also to the deployment of logistics and maintenance and other operating expenses.

As PNP chief during the Estrada presidency from November 1999 to January 2001, Gen. Lacson made sure 85 percent of police personnel and resources were deployed to the field to maintain peace and order.

Lacson said it is just as important that up to 85 percent of resources are also downloaded to the field, as the personnel there may be the first to face threats. “Sila rin dapat gumagamit ng pondo, sa field – it worked sa PNP during my time,” he added.

Gen. Sinas said that to effectively and efficiently achieve their goal, the PNP under him will continue to optimize the utilization of resources through fiscal reforms such as but not limited to the downloading of funds to PNP offices/units through a systematic and transparent mechanism; efficient and transparent procurement; and ensure optimal utilization thru the religious audit of downloaded funds.

He added that they will likewise diligently execute the existing PNP policies including the established PNP narrative to provide effective and efficient public service.

Makati City Pabakuna

When he was still the National Capital Region Police Office (NCRPO) director, Gen. Sinas underscored the need for financial literacy and transparency in the Metro Manila police force as part of their organizational reform programs.

The official said these reforms are crucial in ensuring financial stability in the organization which is their main lifeline. As such, he said that the NCRPO Regional Comptrollership Division (RCD) is making sure that all their finances are managed smartly and are well-organized.

Sinas said that their RCD is maximizing all means to ensure that Metro Manila police financial matters and issues are handled well, specifically the Maintenance and Other Operating Expenses of each NCRPO unit.

To properly use the monthly allocations of the five Metro Manila police districts, the NCRPO-RCD thru the Regional Finance Office 16 has conducted several seminars and workshops for Calendar Year 2020 such as Financial Management and MOOE Allocation Workshops and Information Drive for their finance officers.

During the workshops, lecturers put emphasis on financial transparency and the proper disbursement of their MOOEs.

As a result, Gen. Sinas said that from the original 50 Landbank of the Philippines (LBP) accounts of the five NCRPO districts and their stations, an additional 235 accounts were opened.

Gen. Sinas said that their new scheme which was implemented last September ensures that all MOOEs are now directly credited to the Police Community Precincts and Sub-Stations in Metro Manila

Likewise, weekly inspections and audis are being conducted by dedicated teams all over the metropolis.

“We mentor, train and equip our personnel in order to assure transparent, organized and proper utilization of funds. And with the new scheme, I am more than happy to see the realization of programs and projects of districts and stations to better serve our community,” said the official.

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