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Sinas orders strict enforcement of health protocols

PHILIPPINE National Police chief General Debold M. Sinas yesterday ordered all 17 police regional offices to reinforce their men tasked to strictly implement

government health measures aimed at curbing the spread of COVID-19 amid a reported spike in the number of people who have contracted the deadly virus.

The Department of the Interior and Local Government the other day said it will ask again the PNP leadership to deploy commandos from the elite PNP Special Action Force in areas with monitored hikes in COVID-19 cases including in Metro Manila to help the National Capital Region Police Office enforce all government safety rules aimed at containing the killer germ.

At the same time, the top cop appealed to the public anew for greater awareness of the COVID threat and strict observance of health protocols.

“We cannot afford to lower our guard against the virus, especially at this point when the cure is already within reach,” Gen. Sinas said.

The PNP chief said that the PNP “will remain vigilant in enforcing public health guidelines and local ordinances that seek to mitigate the effects of the pandemic that has so far infected 600,000 Filipinos, 12,000 of whom have died due to medical complications.”

He said that the PNP national headquarters has reiterated instructions to lower units to reinforce existing police support to implement IATF-DOH guidelines and public health protocols in response to the national emergency specifically the mandatory wearing of face masks and face shields in public and social distancing.

“Mask, Hugas, Iwas” should be our fundamental guide and basic checklist for individual protection in response to this public health crisis.

“The layer of protection provided by the mask and face shield to cover the nose, mouth and eyes against airborne droplets from infected persons, we are in effect, putting up a defensive barrier to shield ourselves from possible infection,” he said.

Experts have concluded that crowding is the most common mode of transmission, therefore physical distancing should not only be the rule, but the norm whenever there iarewo or more persons especially in a confined space with inadequate ventilation, he added.

The PNP chief said that personal hygiene and disinfection offers added protection by eliminating the possibility of transmission through physical contact with frequently touched surfaces that may have been contaminated.

He also reiterated instructions to all PNP units to strictly enforce IATF and DOTR public health guidelines in public transportation where crowding is prevalent.

PNP spokesperson Brigadier Gen. Ildebrandi N. Usana also appealed to the public to refrain from public displays of affection as kissing, holding hands or even hugging since the virus is still here and nobody is safe.