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Solving China and Russia

Putin and Xi

Seeing the problem for what it truly is means half solving it.

Both Russia and China have stubborn false views/beliefs and false historical narratives, coupled with avarice, in coveting what is not theirs. That’s the bottomline. Both nations need to see this. And that is the solution to the crises they have created, the peaceful way.

Russia harbors resentment against independent Ukraine since the collapse of the Soviet Union, and hallucinates that Ukraine is still part of “Mother Russia,” as opposed to the historic Act signed by Russian President Boris Yeltsin and Ukraine’s first president Leonid Kravchuk on 8 December 1991, recognizing Ukraine as an independent country. It was overwhelmingly approved by the people (90%) of Ukraine in a referendum even prior to the formal accord declaring their independence.

China for its part, in claiming almost all (90%) of the West Philippine Sea or South China Sea has only its own fabled “nine-dash line” to back up and defend its robbery or its continuing illegal occupation of the disputed sea. Studies and researches of international experts and history professors belie the “line.” Can we imagine if all nations would create their own story and map artwork of the “nine-dash line” to invade neighboring territories?

The situation in the West Philippine Sea between the Philippines and China is no different from the ongoing senseless, savage Russia-Ukraine war which Russia started and continues flaming. It is a war better called “Russia War.” May sanity prevail and humanity in humans triumph. Stop the bloodshed.

Russia war and China

China’s bullying is not limited to its bullying of our fishermen. It is depictive of its impudence and defiance of international law, more so its disrespect and contempt of our ethos and dignity as a people and nation. Imperious.

BBM would do well to take every “goodwill” gesture of China to the Philippines with a grain of salt, if not view it as an act of ill will. Any help, aid or “trade cooperation” China has offered and may offer in the future is and would be meaningless, and could be construed as fraught with bad intentions – unless they repent.

China used to be a good friend to the Philippines, but not anymore.

Dear officials of the land, beware of the present Chinese officials playing (subtle) the “forbidden fruit” game. Don’t bite the bug or the bait. Succumb not. What they are doing in the West Philippine Sea is unprecedented and indefensible. Open your eyes. Be very careful in dealing with them until they behave and cease their aggressions and juvenile sweeping claims in the said contested body of waters.

WPS Rally

Go ahead, dear senators, with your proposal to bring the WPS row to the United Nations for another just, intelligent decision/resolution of the brewing time bomb (for the world) on account of the incessant robber of foreign territories. It is a wise move.

There are only two “ifs,” two crucial “ifs” for China and the world to ponder upon.

One is, if China won’t still budge and recognize another international ruling, this time by the United Nations no less, then all nations, not only the Philippines should brace themselves for the undesirable.

The other “if” is: If the Chinese leaders can’t and will not really accept the 2016 ruling of the arbitral tribunal rejecting its “nine-dash line” myth, prior to the action/decision of the United Nations, the only and remaining wise thing left for them to do is to accept reason and justness.

By doing so, they may engage our country and the rest of the claimant countries involved in the WPS row for a dialogue (serious, transparent and sincere) to reach a compromise “win win solution” for all – for the sake of peace and the saving of lives, and the preservation of our planet.

Play fair and humane. That is even wiser.

“God will judge the world with justice and rule the nations with fairness.” – Psalm 9:8 (NLT)

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