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Sparkle app foster a platform enables you to make money at home

Many businesses, such as restaurants and malls, were forced to close their doors to mitigate the spread of Coronavirus across different areas, leading to an alarming rise in unemployment in our community. This prompted Mr. Jayar Santa Ana founder of Sparkle, the inspiration to initiate Sparkle. The Sparkle app aims to help Filipinos who were affected by the pandemic such as those from the Metro and local populace, to make an independent living feeding their communities with quality local products.


“We aspire to create an innovative avenue that the Filipino people deserve, wherein local entrepreneurs are valued and given access an efficient technology and business development trainings while consumers get to enjoy a more wholesome, safe and healthier food selection at the comfort of their homes” says Mr. Lester Javier, spokesperson for Sparkle, during the official launch of the Sparkle App.

The successful launch observed by respected members of society, from top-notch businessmen, celebrities and officials, was commemorated by a solemn Holy Mass praising God for making the event possible.

Sparkle Kitchen also hosted a small outreach program that initiated a feeding program for our less-fortunate and disaster-stricken Filipinos around the vicinity of the area.

“The heart of Sparkle is the picture of “Buy-anihan”, wherein fellow Filipinos foster a sense of community, support for the local economy and promotion of Filipino products navigating through this pandemic hand in hand to uplift their fellow compatriots, in true Bayanihan spirit “added by Mr. Lester Javier.

The official launch can be watched thru the fb live feed posted by celebrity vlogger Ms. Kim Rodriguez. “I, as an online entrepreneur myself, am very much looking forward to the Sparkle App. Its seamless interface proved really helpful with non-techy entrepreneurs such as myself and would love to attend their trainings too” she said.

Currently, the reach of the Sparkle app is limited to areas across Quezon City and Manila, and would slowly integrate on selected cities nearby, but the number of users from various areas has started growing from the date of launch.

Sparkle is available for download on the Google Playstore for free.