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Spending wisely during pandemic

AFTER hearing news about giant enterprises shutting down and the new variant of COVID-19 causing more infections and deaths in the country, a businessman surprisingly told me to avoid spending.

Strongly advising me to firmly hold on to my cash, my friend who’s into trading warned of worse things to come in the economy. Shaking his head, he uttered: “It’s going to be really bad.

I appreciate his concern. But what’s going to happen if people stop buying? More establishments will close shop and unemployment will get worse. The economy dies sooner than later.

But maybe my friend was actually saying we must spend wisely. This is acceptable.

Also, what we need is a more effective communication strategy to convince people to follow at least the minimum health protocols which are unfortunately ignored by many.

Refusing to wear face masks and face shields and not practicing social distancing are the reasons for the surge in our COVID-19 cases.

If we could only strictly abide by these simple requirements for our safety and health, maybe we can still go out and do purchases to keep the businesses going and the economy afloat.

Instead of entertaining the negativities espoused by doomsayers, we should start focusing on the positive events unfolding.

Take for example the case of a food chain set to expand in the Philippines amid the global health crisis.

To achieve its goal of making PHO24 a leading global pho chain, the Jollibee Group is set to expand Vietnam’s pho chain brand.

It targets to open 100 stores in the Philippines, starting with three new branches this year.

The first opening in 2021 is scheduled next month and will be located at the Jollibee Tower in Ortigas Center, Pasig City.

We are looking forward to the new store openings of PHO24 this year as part of plans for the long-term strategic growth of the Jollibee Group,” said Joseph Tanbuntiong, Jollibee Group Country Business Group head for the Philippines.

Tanbuntiong said the company is also developing the brand’s own delivery platform to cater to the increasing demand and reach new customers, and will be launching new products.

We have seen the growing love of Filipinos for authentic Vietnamese cuisine, and PHO24’s expansion in the Philippines provides Filipino foodies with distinctly different pho meals that are both tasty and nutritious,” he added.

Despite the challenges of the pandemic, PHO24 achieved significant milestones in 2020.

It launched its Facebook online ordering platform, two new rice meals, and two variants of home meal kits.

The Jollibee Group has operated PHO24 in the country since 2018.

PHO24’s first branch at the Double Dragon Meridian Park in Pasay opened to queues of customers eager to try the famous beef pho for the first time, with some who kept coming back, tagging their friends along to share their latest discovery of authentic pho and other Vietnamese food favorites.

Yes, supporting businesses is the key to save our economy.

But just a reminder, let’s do it safely.